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When the Ku Klux Klan came for Fred Goodwin. Or not.

by David Osler.

I must admit that I did not immediately grasp the obvious parallels between the decision to strip a banker of his knighthood and the brutal murder of hundreds of American blacks at the hands of a mass white supremacist paramilitary organisation. So I am thankful to Lord Digby Jones, a man who served as trade […]

Socialism: it’s nothing personal

by Owen Jones.

I’m almost feeling sorry for Fred the Shred. ‘Humbling of Mister Godwin’, mocked the Daily Mail; ‘Goodwin is shredded’ (geddit?) bellowed the Daily Telegraph; ‘Once A Knight Fred’, echoed the Sun, a newspaper always keen to win the most imaginative pun stakes. It’s more than tempting for the left to jump on this populist bandwagon. […]

Burglars get jail, Goodwin gets a £342,500 pension. Why?

by Michael Meacher.

RBS crashed in 2008, costing taxpayers £45.5bn to bail it out. The FSA (Financial Services Authority) report published today (482 pages long!) indicts everyone – Blair, Brown and Balls for insisting on ‘light-touch regulation’ (i.e. the bank could do whatever it wanted), Cameron and Osborne for demanding even less regulation, and itself – the FSA […]

No more will the super-rich escape scrutiny

by Michael Meacher.

How did the super-rich get away with flaunting the extreme and disgusting excesses of wealth for so long, without hardly a ripple of disapproval? And why is the issue now being propelled to the front of the political agenda, first by the August riots and now only 2 months later by Occupy LSX?

Miliband speech: conflating the incomparable

by David Osler.

Maybe Ed Miliband’s inner social democrat thinks that it is clever politics to combine a spot of banker bashing with a ritual middle market tabloid-style denunciation of dole scroungers. After all, you would probably have to go back well before 1994 to find a speech from a Labour leader as openly critical of the City […]

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