Libya: three reasons to curb the euphoria

Despite the initial euphoria about the downfall of a brutal and erratic autocracy in Libya, three uncomfortable matters emerge from the wreckage – and not just the obvious question of whether the National Transitional Council can bring about the reconciliation for a secure, viable and democratic future for the country.

One issue, which should not be lost sight of in the rebels’ victory, is the deliberate manipulation of UN Resolution 1973 to achieve ends manifestly beyond and not covered by its text. Continue reading

The West’s Faustian deal with Arab tyranny unravels

As Gadaffi totters and Saudi Arabia, the Big One, comes into the Arab revolution’s sights, the hypocrisy that has long held the Arab states in bondage is coming home to roost.   The West’s deal with the Arab dictators is coming unstuck, big time.

Despite all the Western pretensions about democracy, women’s rights, cracking down on corruption, and press freedom, the deal was: Continue reading

Ban Ki-moon, the UN, Libya – and getting it right

The other evening, I was asked onto a radio programme in order to criticise the international community for being slow, or downright useless, in responding to the Libyan uprising. What about Nato? What about the European Union? What about the United States – and what about the United Nations? All these questions and more, demanding the easy response that every international organisation and every political leader is somehow useless, spineless and incapable of bringing Gadaffi to heal. Continue reading

Libya: To Intervene, Or Not To Intervene?

To intervene, or not to intervene, that is the question? Or is it? When it comes to the Libyan revolution, and the peculiar madness of Colonel Gadaffi, what is the right thing to do?

Yesterday evening, he was interviewed by ABC and the BBC, to begin with wearing dark shades and then next without them; the piggy eyes of an old man utterly divorced from reality. The theatrics were unmissable and hugely entertaining, although it is difficult to laugh when one realises that literally a few miles away unarmed civilians were being mown down by Gadaffi’s hired thugs. Continue reading

So Who Benefitted From Gadaffi’s Largesse?

As the United Nations Security Council meets in New York, Secretary General Ban ki moon is calling for “decisive” action to be taken against the Libyan regime. The UN Secretary General deserves all of the support he can get, and is absolutely right to call for tough sanctions and for Gadaffi and his henchmen to face charges of crimes against humanity. We shall see if Permanent Members, China and Russia go along with the UN consensus, or simply abstain. To vote against the Security Council resolution would set both countries against the Pale of international opinion. Continue reading