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HMV, and who is Young Labour for anyway?

by Conrad Landin.

Fifteen months ago, I was one of hundreds of young workers taken on by the once-thriving HMV at Christmas time. On Christmas eve, just after it first emerged that their business model was in deep water, most of us were told our contracts would be amended to an earlier finishing date. I was given a […]

The death of the High Street

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

To lose one household name during a period of supposed economic recovery is unfortunate, but to lose three is careless. With the collapse of Jessops, HMV, and Blockbuster approximately 10,000 people face a very uncertain future. So what’s going on? If you read the BBC’s reporting, it’s all just a case of bad management and outmoded business […]

So much for Osborne’s Budget for Growth

by Michael Meacher.

Rarely can a Budget have disintegrated so quickly. Dixons have just announced sales falling by 11% over the last 11 weeks, and are now cutting capital expenditure by 25%. Oddbins goes bankrupt. The former Asda boss has predicted a “long-term trend of trading down”. HMV has just issued its thrid profits warning in 3 months: […]

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