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The US-Israeli nexus begins to show cracks

by Michael Meacher.

How will the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, with this Gaza war the third in 6 years and unlikely to be the last, ever end? US support for Israel has always been seen as unquestioning and unconditional (except, interestingly, during the reign of George W. Bush), but that is now under greater strain than […]

On the “Obsession” with Israel and Palestine

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I think James Bloodsworth has been unfair locating the opposition to Israel’s bombing and invasion of Gaza in the matrix of revolutionary identity politics. Yes, in the fractured universe of British radicalism the Israel/Palestine conflict is an occasion for position-taking, and, as with nearly all positions assumed, be it war in the Middle East, the attitude to […]

Peter Hain is right – the two-state solution is dead

by Mohamed Harrath.

In his recent contribution to the Israel-Palestine debate, Peter Hain did something remarkable. In a speech at Swansea University, the Labour MP, former Northern Ireland secretary, and veteran anti-apartheid campaigner broke with the consensus that a two-state solution spells the best chance of securing a just and peaceful resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Unsurprisingly, Hain […]

Israel: on the dilemma of how to vote

by Jon Lansman.

As Israel goes to the polls, Labour Friends of Israel whose motto is “working towards a two state solution” are, through their Deputy Director, advocating over at Progress a vote for Ha’avoda – the Israel Labour Party which now styles itself as a centre party and is no longer (contrary to Progress claims) a member […]

Time to stand with the Palestinian people

by Tom King and Calum Sherwood.

The recent outbreak of violence in Gaza is the most significant attack on the Palestinian territory since Israel launched Operation Cast Lead in 2008-09. Airstrikes have already killed at least 14 including an 11 month old baby. Numerous other casualties have been inflicted on Palestinian civilians, with an estimated 250 maimed or wounded, despite Israeli […]

Iran and the bomb: containment is an option

by David Osler.

Benjamin Netanyahu is not much given to obfuscation. His speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Monday night made it quite clear to Tehran – and anyone else listening in – that he will do whatever it takes to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. Despite the carefully inserted disclaimers, numerous passages can only […]

So why aren’t there any Arabs in the Israel Philarmonic?

by David Osler.

One out of every five people that live in Israeli is an Arab. Yet the same surely cannot be said of the 230 or more musicians and managers that work for the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Not only are we talking basic lack of proportionality here, but I have even read claims that not one single […]

Time to turn the screws on Israel for the sake of its own survival

by Mark Seddon.

Watching a succession of Western leaders, including Chancellor Merkel of German and Prime Minister Cameron of Britain speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference on Saturday, I was struck by the huge importance they attached to the fast moving events in Egypt, and the wider Arab World. It was almost as though the enormity of what […]

Israel cannot avoid the Arab storm

by Mark Seddon.

It says a great deal about fear and paranoia that the Arab street reserves for Israel, that some credence is being attached to claims that Israeli agent provocateurs are helping to stoke up opposition to protestors demanding democracy in Egypt.  The claim is that plain clothes Israeli agents are helping to orchestrate the pro Mubarak […]

Is Iran leading Israel into a trap?

by Mark Seddon.

A thought occurred to me last night as I watched BBC Diplomatic Correspondent, Mark Urban, on Newsnight.  And it was that perhaps Iran is egging Israel on to attack her nuclear facilities? Urban’s report focussed on Iran’s big nuclear build out, and the fact that much of the new processing plant is now buried underground, […]

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