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Labour right seek to curtail council selections and leadership electorate

by Newsdesk.

Labour First calls itself the voice of Labour’s “moderates” dedicated to keeping the party “safe from the organised hard left, and those who seek to divert us from the work of making life better for ordinary working people and their families.” Yesterday its secretary, Labour national executive candidate Luke Akehurst, announced in a letter to supporters […]

Putting Labour first: time to stop the party tearing itself apart

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Like Fight Club, the first rule of Labour First (the voice of Labour “moderates”) is to not talk about Labour First. Or at least it used to be. Pulling up outside the Brandhall Labour Club in Oldbury yesterday morning, conference-goers were treated to banners festooned with the Labour First logo and reminders everywhere about its hashtag. If […]

There is a concerted ‘Anyone but Corbyn’ campaign organised by the Labour right

by James Elliott.

The story of the Labour leadership election has moved firmly from which of the four possible contenders could win, to whether or not it could be Jeremy Corbyn – and how to stop him. For many on Labour’s self-proclaimed ‘moderate’, austerity-backing wing of the party, this has become an all out campaign to stop Jeremy […]

Will the Labour Right maintain its unholy alliance in internal elections?

by Jon Lansman.

Today saw nominations close for Progress members wishing to stand for Labour’s national executive in 2014 to apply for the organisation’s endorsement. In a process designed to convey the appearance of transparency and internal democracy, the strategy board invented last year for the same purpose will meet shortly to select two or three candidates who Progress will […]

Why a Blairite party-within-a-party is a structural obstacle to Labour’s revival

by Jon Lansman.

In the face of defeat in Bradford, Ed Miliband has recognised that Labour needs “real, deep, genuine change” to reconnect with the 5 million voters lost under New Labour. At the same time, Labour right-wingers like Luke Akehurst express “disgust“ that other Labour members can put aside loyalty to their party to express solidarity not […]

The absence of the trade union Right

by Andy Newman.

The recent report circulated about the activities of Progress, a semi-clandestine “party within a party” has been highlighted by Jon Lansman. Conrad Landin further highlights the undemocratic nature of Luke Akehurst’s Labour First group The level of organisation of the Labour right gives them disproportionate leverage within the party, particularly as the consensus between the Blairites, […]

The Labour Right and democracy

by Conrad Landin.

Many in the Labour party, including myself, have criticised far-left outfits for their lack of accountability and democratic control. Members of such parties, which often describe themselves as ‘leaderless’, get purged at the whim of those who call the shots. Appointments are made to top positions, and the organisation’s members won’t hear until it’s final. […]

Luke Akehurst departs Planet Earth

by Jon Lansman.

I’ve found Luke Akehurst to be a friendly chap. He may be pretty sectarian in print and on the blogosphere, but as a leading light of the shadowy organisation, Labour First, he’s traditional Labour Right and at least seems to be at the right party unlike some of his Blairite friends in the Progress camp. […]

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