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Blair’s covert party machine and culture of manipulation to be exposed in new book

by Jon Lansman.

Last year a book was published – Power Trip A Decade of Policy, Plots and Spin which promised to reveal “the personal feuds, political plots, and media manipulation which lay at New Labour’s core“. It would be, promised its publishers, “a fascinating, funny, and at times shocking account of how government really works“. At the end […]

Weekend viewing: Labour’s Lost Leader and other tributes to Tony Benn

by Jon Lansman.

If you haven’t seen them before, settle down for a fascinating weekend’s viewing of some highpoints of Tony Benn TV retrospectives — the best YouTube has to offer — including: Labour’s Lost Leader, the best of the posthumous retrospectives; a fascinating round table discussion between Tony Benn, Roy Hattersley and David Owen that coincided with […]

On this day: the biggest women’s strike ever

by Jon Lansman.

On this day, 23 November 1909, began a strike known as the Uprising of the 20,000. Over 20,000 Yiddish-speaking immigrants, mostly young women in their teens and twenties, launched a strike in New York’s garment industry. The strike lasted 11 weeks and remains the largest known strike by women in history. The morning after the […]

Not all Clause IV moments lead to victory

by Andy Newman.

Writing in yesterday’s Financial Times, George Parker and Jim Pickard, give expression to the popular idea that Ed Miliband’s confrontation with the unions provides him with the opportunity for a “Clause IV moment”, defining his independence as a potential prime minister from the legacy of labourism.

Battle of Cable Street anniversary rally

by Andy Newman.

A 96 year old veteran of the 1930s fight against Oswald Mosley’s fascists will return to the scene of the anti-fascist movement’s greatest triumph to speak at a commemorative march and rally on Sunday October 2nd marking the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. The march assembles at 11.30am at the junction of […]

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