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Tony Woodley reprimands would-be successor

by Jon Lansman.

Joint General Secretary of Unite, Tony Woodley today attacks one of his would-be successors for the job. In a letter to the Guardian this morning, Woodley accuses Les Bayliss, leading right-wing contender and currently an assistant general secretary of Unite, of presenting “a grossly distorted view” of the British Airways dispute and Unite’s role in it. […]

Balloting begins for Unite General Secretary

by Jon Lansman.

Voting starts next week in the election for Unite‘s first sole General Secretary since the amalgamation of Amicus and the TGWU. The battle is essentially between Len McCluskey, Assistant General Secretary, leading left candidate backed by United Left, and Les Bayliss, another Assistant General Secretary who has emerged as the standard-bearer of the right. Neither of […]

Len McCluskey clear leader for Unite General Secretary

by Jon Lansman.

Ian’s UNITE site reveals that UNITE’s Executive Council (of which Ian is amember) today accepted a report on valid nominations to become candidates for General Secretary. Len McCluskey, back by United Left, has received almost two-thirds of all valid nominations, with the remainder split between three candidates, all from the Amicus side of the union. […]

Unite election: as important as the Labour leadership?

by Jon Lansman.

Suddenly, the election for the General Secretary of Unite, Britain’s biggest union looks much closer and there’s much at stake. The sudden lurch to the right of Les Bayliss, winning the backing of the right-wing press, could affect the political direction of Labour and the TUC. Although he’s trailing in nominations behind left candidate, Len […]

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