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The hacking trials go on, but corrupt power of Murdoch media remains untouched

by Michael Meacher.

The Brooks-Coulson trial was very narrowly focused on the hacking issue. It did not include the earlier police inquiries into the News of the World’s (NoW) involvement in blagging confidential records and bribing corrupt police for information in the late 1980s and 1990s. The jury was not shown Brooks’ evidence (no doubt a slip on […]

Doctors don’t regulate themselves, so why should the press?

by Michael Meacher.

For eight months now the press have been allowed to pursue every finagling twist and turn to avoid being held to account after the horrors of the hacking scandal in the hope that memories of their illegal behaviour will gradually fade and they can then return yet again to business as usual, like the banks. […]

Bloggers’ letter to the Guardian raises Leveson concerns

by Newsdesk.

Our editor, Jon Lansman, was a signatory to this letter in today’s Guardian, which raises concerns about the inclusion of not-for-profit multi-authored blogs on the same level as newspapers within the new press regulation framework. Other signatories include the editors of LabourList, Conservative Home and Left Foot Forward. The Leveson inquiry was set up to address […]

Cameron forced to backtrack over Leveson

by Michael Meacher.

ameron has just, shortly before 1pm today, conceded a deal over the Leveson proposals for press regulation which provides for everything that the Labour & LibDem parties were demanding. He did that, not because he believes it, but because he knew he would lose the vote and will do anything to avoid the humiliation of […]

Leveson should not apply to the not-for-profit blogosphere

by Jon Lansman.

Mark Ferguson raises an important issue which has been neglected in the last minute deal-making and it is important albeit not what most politicians are currently hacked-off about — on the important question of whether the deal meets the requirement of adequate statutory backing see the Spectator or Labour List, although be warned that they […]

Leveson isn’t half what needs to be done about the press

by Michael Meacher.

It is reported that the political parties are inching towards an agreement on the Leveson report. Bully for them. Letwin, Cameron’s aide for the inter-party talks, proposed that the independent self-regulatory system should be ‘verified’ by royal charter, but conceded that that needed to be underpinned by a parliamentary process to prevent his proposal being […]

Leveson: Cameron’s betrayal is not the end of the story

by Michael Meacher.

Prepare for weeks of vilification of Leveson and the lampooning of his position as the voice of censorship. We are already seeing that when it comes to the struggle for power and the capacity for dominance over the State and its ideology, the methods are ruthless, the lies are vicious, the cries of the victims […]

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