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The Audacity of Osborne

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I hear tell of George Osborne applying for the Evening Standard vacancy only after other people came to him for advice on their applications. What a charmer. Still, his landing the editorship of London’s biggest free sheet is as shocking as it is audacious. How is it someone barely able to string a sentence together, […]

Evening Standard – the Boris Johnson free sheet

by Rainsborough.

Never mind the Leveson Inquiry, with its focus on the Murdoch Mafia operation which has held successive Governments and Prime Ministers in thrall, for other parts of what used to be called Fleet Street, it is business as usual. As Londoners go to the polls, or perhaps don’t go to the polls, it is worth […]

Standard journalists at loggerheads over pro-Johnson reporting

by Keith Wright.

Anyone who’s picked up the London Evening Standard in the past few weeks will be painfully aware that it is living up to its nickname “The Evening Boris”. But leaked correspondence seen by Left Futures would suggest that not all at Standard HQ are happy with this. Last month Darryl Chamberlain drew attention to the shift […]

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