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The crisis in our homecare system is a source of national shame

by Diane Abbott.

The UNISON trade union recently launched a new report which uses the voices of care workers – and those who rely on care – to clearly lay out the truth regarding the crisis that has engulfed the sector – a crisis that is not being addressed by the ideologically driven Tory government and its ruinous […]

CLPD recommends first preference for Diane Abbott, second for Sadiq Khan

by Barry Gray.

The London Labour Party is selecting its candidate to fight next May’s London Mayoral election. The ballot will take place alongside the leadership contest, from 14 August to 10 September. The position of London Mayor has important powers in the areas of transport, fire services, planning, policing and the environment. The Mayor also champions the interests […]

Why I went on the anti-austerity march & regret Labour’s leaders weren’t there too

by Diane Abbott.

Last weekend I attended the huge anti-austerity march and rally organised by the People’s Assembly against Austerity in London. Estimates of the size of the rally varied between 70,000 and more than 150,000. But demonstrators poured into London from all over the country, the march was self-evidently huge and it was definitely a great deal bigger […]

Labour needs its leader and candidates to offer an alternative to austerity

by Barry Gray.

A fundamental weakness of Labour’s recent general election campaign was the failure to offer voters hope of a return to prosperity. Shackled to the Coalition’s economic framework, the core of which is slashing the public sector, Labour’s small progressive proposals were drowned out by the overwhelming commitment to austerity. Focusing on a promise to introduce […]

Trade union shows how not to consult its members on London Mayoralty

by Jon Lansman.

So far the selection of the candidate for London Mayor has left much to be desired. A selection process was imposed on London that no section of the party in London wanted – not the trade unions, not the constituency parties, not the regional board of the party. Then the process was designed as if […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s May executives

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee meetings, May 2015 Ann Black reports on two meetings which have taken place this month. Special meeting 13 May 2015 This was a special meeting, called to agree procedures for choosing the next leader and deputy leader. The Chair Jim Kennedy welcomed Hilary Benn MP, who replaces Sadiq Khan, and Peter Willsman, returning to the […]

Peter Willsman’s report from Labour’s May executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee, 19 May 2015 The central focus of today’s meeting of Labour’s executive was how to explain Labour’s defeat. The outcome was the creation of a taskforce to analyse the reasons for the result in order to learn the lessons. Harriet Harman opened the meeting with her report which covered: fighting the Tories: an effective shadow cabinet front […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s March executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 24 March 2015 The NEC congratulated Rachael Maskell, Conor McGinn and Kate Osamor on their selection as parliamentary candidates for York Central, St Helens North and Edmonton. If all goes well and they are elected as MPs on 7 May, this will have been their last NEC meeting. Lucy Powell, vice-chair of Labour’s […]

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