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What Labour can learn from the Thatcherites

by James Elliott.

Thatcherism wasn’t always as popular as it is today. For David Cameron to be able to introduce the market so heavily into the NHS, universities, even schools, to privatise the Queen’s head, as Dennis Skinner described the Royal Mail sell-off, shows the strength of right-wing politics in Britain. For Cameron to then be re-elected with […]

Political Scandal and Indifference

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Let’s look at what you would’ve won. No more privatisations. No market fundamentalism. An extension of trade union rights. A thriving mining industry using the most advanced technology in the world. A joined up approach to finance and industry. A strong labour movement. Communities proud of their history. All under three successive Labour governments, dating […]

Thatcher’s legacy on debt: cut spending, destroy earning capacity

by Michael Meacher.

Mrs. Thatcher was once asked: What is Thatcherism? She replied “living within our means”. So what is her legacy in this regard? In the two decades from the mid 1980s private household debt rose to the level of total national income (£1.5 trillion), financial debt following her deregulation of the banks rose to 5 times […]

Stop all the clocks

by Norrette Moore.

Stop all the clocks, sell off the telephone, Feed the starving with a juicy bone, Silence the unions and with muffled drum Bring out the coffin, let the Tories come. Let Pinochet circle moaning overhead With Reagan he scribbles the news: She Is Dead. Put crepe nooses round the white necks of the ailing, As […]

Sketch: Thatcher and the Ministry of Truth

by Paul Davies.

PAUL DAVIES assesses the “rewriting of history” seen in the days since Thatcher’s death It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. Winston Smith only had time for a short break from his work at the Ministry of Truth this lunchtime. He had to get back soon; there was […]

The Thatcherite agenda lives on more for Blair than for Britain

by Bryan Gould.

The poll conducted by You-Gov Cambridge and published this week in The Guardian shows that the British are more ready than the Americans, French and Germans to affirm their continued belief in the values of fairness, compassion, and concern for others, and to look to their government to act in line with those values. The […]

Margaret Thatcher: the woman who killed conservatism

by David Osler.

Margaret Thatcher stands in the same relationship to the last five leaders of the Conservative Party as James T Kirk does to subsequent captains of USS Enterprise; they represent ideal types against which the fan base can haughtily dismiss other holders of the same job title as irredeemably insipid. So powerfully does she dominate the […]

Ding dong the witch is dead – Tories seek to crush power of free market

by Jon Lansman.

Whatever you think of the good taste of celebratory Thatcher death partying, it is an interesting spectator sport watching the Tories tie themselves up in knots over a chart-topping Wizard of Oz song and whether the BBC should permit the “free market” in music downloads to determine what it plays (admission: I’ve downloaded two versions […]

Was Blair the ideological child of Thatcher?

by Andy Newman.

To steal a joke from the late John Sullivan, Tony Blair’s tribute to Baroness Thatcher sounds like a eulogy to John the Baptist from Jesus. However, while it may be difficult for some on the left to accept, particularly those of us who ten years ago were fulminating against the crime of Blair’s war on Iraq, […]

Margaret Thatcher: La Pasionaria of the C2s

by David Osler.

If A Trot paper of the type I used to sell in the 1980s had accused Margaret Thatcher of ‘bourgeois triumphalism’, it would have been laughed off the pitch for resort to boilerplate cliché of the worst kind. But the formulation was famously first levelled by traditionalist Tory Peregrine Worsthorne in the pages of the […]

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