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Inspiration from the anonymous revolutionary, aged 16

by Jon Lansman.

If you need inspiration, try this. The words of published author (of The Anonymous Revolutionary) and blogger (on the themes of Marxism, communism, their significance and their relevance today) and Tweeter, Max Edwards, diagnosed with terminal cancer 5 months ago, aged 16, published yesterday in the Guardian. Readers of this blog won’t necessarily agree with every word […]

Socialism is not a dirty word: A reply to the Guardian’s Jonathan Jones

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

As if proof were needed that stupidity isn’t the sole preserve of the right, along comes Jonathan Jones with a new angle in the anti-Corbyn effort. His target is the slight whiff of Marxism surrounding Jeremy’s campaign. Because – gasp – the ‘s’ word is getting more traction these days, it’s time we “have to face up […]

Inequality and British Capitalism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

As we saw the other day, inequality has become so pathological that capitalism could seize up. When lucrative markets are locked down, when governments bow and scrape to big business, when social mobility is choked off, and the unobtainable opulence of the vanishingly few is crassly paraded in front of the many, capitalism is going […]

In the Belly of the Beast

by Newsdesk.

The 2014 issue of journal Socialist Register is the 50th since the journal was founded by Ralph Miliband – together with John Saville – in 1964. Tomorrow will see a discussion in Parliament, chaired by John McDonnell MP, on the legacy and ongoing relevance of the political project he initiated (see details below) The concern […]

George Osborne and ruling class decadence

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

If you think this is about the chancellor’s youthful larks with Natalie Rowe, you will surely be disappointed. What’s more important – and far more damaging – from the standpoint of British capital is his current game of footsie with the Chinese Communist Party. The very notion that not only is he letting the Chinese […]

Free schools are Marxist? Then I’m a banana

by Lucy Reese.

Michael’s Gove’s latest pronouncement is that free schools are a Marxist ideal, a comment so outlandish and preposterous that it might at first seem that the hot weather has gone to the Education Secretary’s head. If free schools are a Marxist idea, then I’m a banana. What’s Marxist – or even democratic – about schools […]

Marxism in China: it’s a museum piece

by David Osler.

Somehow the most vibrant capitalist economy on the planet still lends itself ideological legitimation by claiming adherence to Marxism. What is happening in China plays havoc with key theoretical assumptions of the socialist left and the free market right alike. How does the obvious disjunction between base and superstructure, at least at the level of […]

Marxist economics – not there to guide capitalists

by David Osler.

Like a fourteen year old schoolgirl using the F-word in front of her parents or anyone expressing mild aversion to opera at a north London dinner party, certain capitalist commentators revel in the shock value of adducing Marx in support of their macroeconomic prescriptions. In recent weeks, we have seen George Magnus, senior economic advisor […]

Crises of Capitalism – an explanation

by Jon Lansman.

Something for the weekend. Another animated lecture from the RSA. This time, an explanation of the crises of Capitalism — and yes, it’s from a marxist persective.

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