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Elections – a right-wing fairy tale

by David Pavett.

The lowest form of political exchange is one in which arguments are raised to knock down views allegedly held by a political adversary even though there is no evidence the he/she has ever held such views. This  tactic can gain traction with constant repetition through various media (“repeat a lie a thousand times …”). It […]

The Left needs to unpack what “Electability” really means

by Max Leak.

The candidacy of Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership has stimulated the party’s old debate surrounding the Left and “electability”: supporters of the Islington North MP claim that elections are won by a clear and confident statement of one’s ideas, whilst opponents universally claim that elections are won, always and in any circumstance, by […]

The BBC needs defending as well as attacking

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Congrats to the TUC’s Duncan Weldon on his appointment as Newsnight’s economics editor. But not everyone is wishing him well. The Tories have made their displeasure known. The Daily Mail aren’t happy either. They’re carrying on as if Yevgeni Preobrazhensky has been appointed. This is Buggers Broadcasting Communism, after all. Replying, Owen Jones has highlighted some evidence that shows far from being a […]

The Daily Mail – a vile product

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Could this be the most disgusting headline to have hit news stands since The Sun‘s coverage of Hillsborough? The dehumanising of the children (“bred 17 babies”), the welfare-baiting headline, the sideswipe at social workers; seldom has a tragedy been exploited so brazenly and cynically to score political points. And for the judgement to land at […]

Mail on Sunday in smear attempt on John O’Farrell

by Jon Lansman.

The Mail on Sunday, in a disgraceful smear on Labour’s candidate in the Eastleigh by-election, John O’Farrell, have grossly distorted words used in Things can only get better, his comic account of “eighteen miserable years in the life of a Labour supporter” under Thatcher and Major to claim that “he wished Margaret Thatcher had been […]

What do we do about the press, not just Murdoch?

by Michael Meacher.

Too much attention has focused on Murdoch’s cussed personality, not enough on what kind of press we want to see in this country. At present there is no nationality requirement for ownership. There is no limit on the share of any media market controleed by any one proprietor. There is no constraint on owners’ power […]

Media reporting. What media reporting?

by Michael Meacher.

We have sadly reached that point in the year when, with no much happening, the media regresses into what they feel most comfortable with – gossiping about personalities as though the world wasn’t facing the most dire crisis for a century. “Crisis, what crisis?” as one prime minister famously (allegedly) said.

Tintin in the land of the Nazis

by Andy Newman.

A couple of days ago there was the most extraordinarily lazy piece of reporting I have ever seen on the BBC TV news. In response to the new Hollywood film of the Adventures of Tintin, the Beeb decided to feature Hergé’s “Tintin in the Land of the Soviets”, his first book. The BBC’s angle was […]

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