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Sham regulator just a device by Murdoch & co to distract from real press accountability

by Michael Meacher.

The launch last week of the press industry-backed press regulator is a farce, but one that the media moguls are determined to run for all it’s worth. This is press industry-driven self-regulation again in all but name. The press industry is one of the three biggest powers in the State, along with the finance industry […]

Cameron forced to backtrack over Leveson

by Michael Meacher.

ameron has just, shortly before 1pm today, conceded a deal over the Leveson proposals for press regulation which provides for everything that the Labour & LibDem parties were demanding. He did that, not because he believes it, but because he knew he would lose the vote and will do anything to avoid the humiliation of […]

Leveson should not apply to the not-for-profit blogosphere

by Jon Lansman.

Mark Ferguson raises an important issue which has been neglected in the last minute deal-making and it is important albeit not what most politicians are currently hacked-off about — on the important question of whether the deal meets the requirement of adequate statutory backing see the Spectator or Labour List, although be warned that they […]

What do we do about the press, not just Murdoch?

by Michael Meacher.

Too much attention has focused on Murdoch’s cussed personality, not enough on what kind of press we want to see in this country. At present there is no nationality requirement for ownership. There is no limit on the share of any media market controleed by any one proprietor. There is no constraint on owners’ power […]

News International upholds probity? So be it

by David Osler.

The righteous, so the rabbinical maxim has it, have their work done for them. After yesterday’s Sunday Times so perfectly skewered the venality of the Conservative Party, all the average lefty need do is sit back with a big wide smirk on his or her face. Some commentators are suggesting that this operation was carefully […]

Murdoch – it’s far from over

by Michael Meacher.

It was always inevitable that this Con-Dem government would let Murdoch get his way – as also of course would Blair and Brown, given their craven fawning on him over 13 years.   All the stuff about ‘media plurality’, Hunt’s taking ‘careful advice’ from the regulatory authorities, Cameron risibly having to log on to his computer […]

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