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On Charlie Hebdo and defending liberty – a dose of multiculturalism would help

by Jon Lansman.

Today we express solidarity and sympathy with the remaining staff of Charlie Hebdo and the families and friends of their 12 colleagues brutally murdered yesterday. It was an appalling attack on the freedom of speech, including the right to criticise, to satirise and to lampoon which we believe are essential features of democracy. Furthermore, in […]

Are UKIP “profoundly un-British”?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Former Prime Minister John Major certainly thinks so. I believe the answer is more nuanced than that. Speaking on Andrew Marr yesterday, the grey man of politics said UKIP were un-British because they are “anti-everything“, particularly “anti-foreigner” and “anti-immigrant“. He added that this is “the negativity of the four-ale bar. That’s not the way to get […]

Migrants need solidarity, not hostility

by Mike Phipps.

It’s always satisfying when a government minister is forced to resign on grounds of hypocrisy. This applies particularly to Immigration Minister Mark Harper, the man who brought us last summer’s “Go home or face arrest” vans in multicultural areas of London. He was forced to quit after admitting employing a cleaner without checking her documents […]

One Nation Anti-Extremism

by Carl Packman.

Without naming names, I want to ask left wing people generally what they would think about an organisation that pitches itself against extremism and fanaticism, that has an LGBT division, a Jewish division, holds banners on protests proclaiming solidarity with Sikh groups and women’s rights. One prominent commentator recently told an audience about one such […]

Cameron – the demagogue

by Michael Meacher.

For a speech on such sensitive issues – segregation, Islam, terrorism, Britishness, multiculturalism – Cameron’s speech at Munich was like throwing a grenade into the system. Devoid of new policy, by its timing it gave succour to the EDL marching through Luton. It sid nothing new, but was designed to play to the anti-Muslim gallery […]

The sooner Cameron gets back to multicultural Notting Hill, the better

by Diane Abbott.

Multiculturalism has not failed here in Hackney. Afro-Caribbean, African, Indian, Irish, Vietnamese, Jewish and Turkish men and women all live side by side. We enjoy the best of each other’s culture. It is that multicultural mix that has made London a world city. The segregation that Cameron deplores is a response to racism. In too […]

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