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The hacking trials go on, but corrupt power of Murdoch media remains untouched

by Michael Meacher.

The Brooks-Coulson trial was very narrowly focused on the hacking issue. It did not include the earlier police inquiries into the News of the World’s (NoW) involvement in blagging confidential records and bribing corrupt police for information in the late 1980s and 1990s. The jury was not shown Brooks’ evidence (no doubt a slip on […]

Dealing with the Murdoch empire requires far more than jailing Coulson

by Michael Meacher.

Coulson is only a medium-sized cog in the web of industrial scale phone-hacking, lying, deceit, and intimidation that is Murdoch’s News International. If this was any other company rather than one of themselves, the newspapers would be raising a hue and cry demanding a full public inquiry, resignations or sackings of key executives in the […]

Cameron forced to backtrack over Leveson

by Michael Meacher.

ameron has just, shortly before 1pm today, conceded a deal over the Leveson proposals for press regulation which provides for everything that the Labour & LibDem parties were demanding. He did that, not because he believes it, but because he knew he would lose the vote and will do anything to avoid the humiliation of […]

Leveson should not apply to the not-for-profit blogosphere

by Jon Lansman.

Mark Ferguson raises an important issue which has been neglected in the last minute deal-making and it is important albeit not what most politicians are currently hacked-off about — on the important question of whether the deal meets the requirement of adequate statutory backing see the Spectator or Labour List, although be warned that they […]

Did the Sunday Times want to damage Huhne (& Pryce)?

by Jon Lansman.

Chris Huhne & Vicky Pryce would not be in prison today if the Sunday Times had not handed over information to the Police from a confidential source. Nick Cohen in an excellent piece at the Spectator rightly blames Isabel Oakeshott, its political editor, for breaking journalists’ first law and, he adds, their one moral principle […]

Beware the Tory sirens

by Michael Meacher.

After Ed Miliband’s barnstorming performance this week, it’s hardly surprising that the Tory hacks are now searching for the next chink in the armour. ‘Ed doesn’t look like or behave like a leader’ now has to be binned. So the next complaint, always presented of course as an invitation to help him, is that he […]

One law for the powerful and another for the rioters

by Michael Meacher.

James Murdoch is now bang to rights.   The latest evidence just revealed, the letter dated March 2007 from Clive Goodman appealing against his sacking by News International after he admitted phone hacking in court, reinforces the already compelling evidence that there was widespread knowledge at the News of the World over 4 years ago that hacking […]

BSkyB and the banks are still putting up two fingers to Britain

by Michael Meacher.

Any idea that the humiliation of Murdoch has signalled the resurgence of regulatory and parliamentary power must be given short shrift. Two events today show how little has actually changed. It is almost incredible that James Murdoch received the unanimous support of the BSkyB board for continuing as chairman when he has acknowledged a major […]

Murdoch – it’s far from over

by Michael Meacher.

It was always inevitable that this Con-Dem government would let Murdoch get his way – as also of course would Blair and Brown, given their craven fawning on him over 13 years.   All the stuff about ‘media plurality’, Hunt’s taking ‘careful advice’ from the regulatory authorities, Cameron risibly having to log on to his computer […]

When Journalism Becomes ‘Churn-alism’

by Mark Seddon.

What future is there for journalism? Or is there a future in journalism for many of the bright young things who will have read a recent article titled ‘The Hamster Wheel’ in the journal of the Columbia School of Journalism? I attach below some of the responses from journalists who were interviewed for the project. […]

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