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The dreams peddled by the oil and gas industries turn out to be fantasies

by Michael Meacher.

The one thing Osborne loves to tell us, constantly, is that the future of energy production lies in fracking and that he will do everything in his power to maximise shale drilling in Britain, even to the extent of allowing drilling to be carried out on private land without permission. However this oasis of future […]

Why climate change helped trigger the Syrian civil war

by Clive Lewis.

Watching events in Syria you can’t help but be thoroughly disturbed. Massacres, chemical weapons usage, millions displaced, mass destruction and a death toll approaching an estimated 100,000. Although well into the 21st century the old bloody habits of the 20th seem reluctant to let go. But as events unfold in Syria I fear we are witnessing […]

Double, double, oil is trouble: flashmob reclaim Shakespeare from BP

by Newsdesk.

The crowds at the British Museum seem to approve.

Libya after Gaddafi

by David Osler.

After exercising a dictatorship over Libya for more than four decades, Muammer Gaddafi now seems to be effectively at the end of his rule. Following a bitterly-fought and surprisingly close run civil war that lasted for six months, the insurgents have reportedly almost completed the capture of Tripoli. The development meets with approval across the […]

The West’s Faustian deal with Arab tyranny unravels

by Michael Meacher.

As Gadaffi totters and Saudi Arabia, the Big One, comes into the Arab revolution’s sights, the hypocrisy that has long held the Arab states in bondage is coming home to roost.   The West’s deal with the Arab dictators is coming unstuck, big time. Despite all the Western pretensions about democracy, women’s rights, cracking down on […]

Obama is right to criticise BP

by Michael Meacher.

As I said on Newsnight on Friday, Obama is attacking BP, not Britain.   He’s reacting exactly as we would if an American oil rig had blown up in the North Sea and a huge oil slick expanding by 40,000 barrels a day (8 times worse than the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989) was devastating […]

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