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Faction to challenge Labour leadership across whole range of policies

by Jon Lansman.

On Wednesday, the results of the parliamentary party elections for backbench committees were announced. What they reveal is an organised attempt by a faction of the party to challenge Jeremy Corbyn across the whole range of policies. Debate on policy is of course encouraged and welcome, but what is less welcome is a systematic attempt to undermine […]

Only more working class MPs will save Labour from timidity

by Michael Meacher.

Why hasn’t Labour’s social team raised a huge hue and cry against Osborne’s openly declared intention to introduce a cap next year on total welfare spending covering about £100bn of benefits, irrespective of the massive increase in destitution brought about by his very own policies? Why hasn’t Labour’s economic team raised an equal cry of […]

Life with Ed – spotlight on the Parliamentary Labour Party

by Kelvin Hopkins.

The left got it absolutely right in voting for Ed Miliband – sometimes as number two to Diane Abbott – in the leadership election back in 2010. Diane spoke for the left in the hustings and shifted the debate away from the ground where the heir to Blair position felt comfortable. Since then the Party […]

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