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Ed’s office has done him a disservice, but the worst culprits pose as loyal party staff

by Jon Lansman.

Since we reported on Monday that Ed Miliband’s office had overstepped the mark in the structure of Labour’s new executive board, things have gone from bad to worse. Further details of the new structure have emerged, the Guardian has reported that the “Labour party staff react with fury to plans for new executive board” and, […]

Leader’s office oversteps mark with Labour Party HQ

by Jon Lansman.

(see also update here) When the Labour Party announced the appointments to its new executive board last Friday, it appeared that elements in the leader’s office were trying to take over the running of the party machine. The new board was to have consisted of six new posts plus the general secretary. Two of those plus […]

Compass and party democracy – good intentions misdirected

by Jon Lansman.

On Friday, a letter appeared in the Guardian which argued that the party needed to change and be refounded, power should be handed back to the membership and the NEC should commit to a programme of bold and radical reforms that would re-democratise the party and devolve power away from the centre. So far, so good. […]

The real test of Ed’s commitment to democracy is on reform of the wider party

by Jon Lansman.

Labour MPs have voted today to back Ed Miliband in abolishing shadow cabinet elections, with 196 (76%, or 83% of those voting) in favour, 41 against and 20 not voting. Last September the same PLP had rejected the same proposal and, instead, voted to elect the Chief Whip for the first time (although in the […]

Labour Left launches its vision of a new party structure

by Jon Lansman.

Labour’s Centre Left today launched its vision of a new democratic structure for a twenty-first century Labour Party. Entitled A Living Breathing Party, words used by Ed Miliband launching his leadership campaign, the plan aims to turn into reality the Leader’s promises of giving members back their voice.

Luke Akehurst for General Secretary?

by Jon Lansman.

We hear that some comrades are suggesting that Luke Akehurst, recently elected to Labour’s national executive on the right-wing Labour First and Progress slates, might be a suitable replacement for Ray Collins as General Secretary. Now, we don’t disagree with everything Luke says: his blog is worth following; he is pretty firm on retaining the […]

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