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Is Labour doomed? Not if we end austerity

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Tucked away in a barely-publicised corner of The Telegraph’s web edition is this piece forecasting Labour’s possible extinction. There isn’t much to the article, the paper quotes Jon Cruddas (who else?) speculating about the possibility of Labour’s death before moving on to attack Ed Miliband’s pledge to introduce compulsory profit-sharing schemes. Let’s come back to Cruddas. In the context […]

On the folly of yearning for the Pasokification of Labour

by David Osland.

Not a few superannuated Bennites, and indeed anybody who prefers their social democracy served straight no chaser, will be entirely entranced by Greek politics right now. Here, for the first time in three decades, is a leftwing European government locked into a collision course with neoliberalism. Circumstances specific to that country have enabled Syriza to win […]

Remembering the last Greek government elected on a Bennite programme

by Jon Lansman.

As PASOK suffers the worst defeat in its history, the one thing it still has in common with Syriza is that it too was once elected on a Bennite programme. We reflect on that with the help of Tony Benn. Last night’s sweeping victory for Syriza is the first election of a genuinely radical Left government in […]

Labour should look to the TUC agenda

by Ben Hayes.

As the labour movement prepares to take to the streets again this weekend, the message it is sending is more explicit than ever: austerity must go. This year’s TUC Congress took place in a backdrop where governments across Europe have pursued policies attacking the living standards of the many for the sake of a small, […]

The stark choice facing the Greek people

by Ben Folley.

It is difficult to imagine the impact of austerity in Greecefrom here in the UK. Aside from the stark imagery of pensioners eating from bins, students forced into prostitution and children being abandoned in increasing numbers, the statistics make for uncomfortable reading. In February The Guardian reported that planned 15% wage cuts – on top of 30% already […]

New poll points way to Syriza-led Greek government after new election

by Jon Lansman.

A new poll by Marc for Alpha TV in Greece puts left coalition Syriza in first place with 23%, up 6% from the result last Sunday. The poll asked how respondents would have voted had they known the result. Syriza gained support from across the board, 18% of those who voted at the weekend for […]

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