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Things Labour needs to do to beat UKIP #2: raise pay and cap the cost of living

by Jon Lansman.

Whilst Ed Balls stuck stubbornly to accepting that the economy was now growing rather than “flatlining“, with his disastrous conclusion that you couldn’t fund spending by borrowing in the up-swing, Ed Miliband was absolutely right last year to focus on the cost of living. “The first and last test of economic policy is whether living standards for […]

Fast Facts: Gender social inequality and austerity in Europe

by Tom Gill.

Europe’s austerity fetish and longer term neo-liberal reforms promoted by Big Business, Governments and the EU Commission hurt women disproportionately. Here’s a few facts to illustrate the point. Europe wide  The gender pay gap is around 16% It ranges from more than a quarter (27%) in Estonia to around a fiftieth (2%) in Slovenia. The latest figures […]

The Living Wage, just 0.3% of top pay, must rise 1% each year above average wages

by Michael Meacher.

Ed Miliband continues to set the political agenda with his championship of the Living Wage, counterpoising the Tories’ race to the bottom on wages. But there are still important lessons to be drawn on how it is handled. First, it is not enough, as is being proposed at present, to encourage employers ‘voluntarily’ to pay […]

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