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The Tories are all bluster. Labour must show it’s different

by Tom Watson.

The Conservative Party has spent the last week or so braying about the principle of ‘freedom’. But their noise is all bluster – designed to hide from the public a stark and disappointing fact: George Osborne’s budget was one of the most unprincipled pieces of politicking in recent history. Even his flagship policy, the scrapping of our near-compulsory […]

Miliband spot-on to target pension industry fees

by Michael Meacher.

The private pensions industry is a colossal financial scandal second only to the banks. It is a staggering fact that charges swallow up 40% of the value of a pension over its lifetime which must make this one of the worst deals ever in the market-place, even by the standards of the inefficient and greedy […]

Reasons to vote for strike action on public sector pensions

by Michael Meacher.

This week, 1.1 million members of Unison received their ballot papers asking them if they supported strike action in the event of the Government remaining fixed in their position that public service employees must pay more towards their pension, work further years before drawing their pension, and finally receive a smaller pension than had been […]

What have the Unions ever done for us?

by Jon Lansman.

Some Aussie wisdom.

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