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Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s March Executive

by Peter Willsman.

Peter Willsman reports from the National Executive Committee Tuesday 21st  March 2017 A useful NEC: dominated by the comprehensive and impassioned presentation (by our two National Campaign Co-ordinators, Andrew Gwynne MP and Ian Lavery MP) of our preparation for the wide range of local elections in the Spring. Leader’s Report Jeremy paid tribute to the […]

Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s March executive

by Peter Willsman.

National Executive Committee 15 March 2016 The main item on the agenda, referred from the January National Executive Committee (NEC), was to review and amend the NEC’s governance. This includes the NEC’s Terms of Reference, Subcommittee Protocols, and the NEC’s Standing Orders. John McDonnell was also down to attend his first NEC meeting. 

CAC election will be crucial, speakers tell conference rally

by Conrad Landin.

A packed rally heard last night that delegates have a real chance to re-claim Labour conference for members and meaningful discussion – the election of the conference arrangements committee (CAC). At CLPD’s opening fringe meeting, delegates heard from CAC candidates Pete Willsman and Katy Clark MP, alongside Diane Abbott, Michael Meacher, Young Labour’s Michelle Collins, […]

How YOUR vote is cast for the conference arrangements committee

by Conrad Landin.

Labour’s constituency branches are increasingly wondering what the point of sending delegates is at all – last year, a whole quarter of constituency branches (CLPs) voted with their feet, and didn’t turn up at all. That’s a quarter of CLPs disenfranchised from numerous votes – but proper participation in conference requires mandating of conference delegates […]

CAC: The election that could get winning ideas onto Labour’s agenda

by Conrad Landin.

The deadline for nominating candidates for Labour’s conference arrangements committee (CAC) has passed – and September’s party conference will see battle lines drawn between party democracy champions Katy Clark MP and Pete Willsman, and two parliamentary whips, Heidi Alexander and Tom Blenkinsop. But it’s not too late to make sure your vote is cast for […]

How votes work at Labour conference

by Peter Willsman.

Over the past few weeks, I have explored the motions that will come before conference, what’s happened since Refounding Labour, and the proposed changes to the party constitution from CLPs, which if passed will make the party more democratic. Today, I’ll be looking at the various votes held at annual conference – and they are […]

A chance for concrete reforms in the original spirit of Refounding Labour

by Peter Willsman.

One of the functions of Labour conference is to consider proposed changes to the party constitution. Some of these rule changes will be proposed by the national executive committee (NEC). These will be set out in the Delegates Report issued to delegates before Conference. Advice in relation to these rule changes will be given to […]

Refounding Labour: what’s happened since?

by Peter Willsman.

In the months since the 2011 Annual Conference further discussions have taken place to build on last year’s “Refounding Labour” changes to the party structures, particularly with the unions. Refounding Labour, controversially passed on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis at Liverpool, significantly altered the party rulebook.

Contemporary motions at Labour conference: explained in full

by Peter Willsman.

Every year, CLPD secretary and former NEC member PETER WILLSMAN issues a updated delegates’ guide to Labour conference. This will be serialised on Left Futures over the coming weeks, and is especially recommended for first-time delegates. Here, Peter explains the “contemporary” policy motions coming before conference.

Labour Uncut: Lies and smears about NEC candidate

by Jon Lansman.

Two weeks ago, we commented here on the resemblance of  Labour Uncut to the planned Red Rag, the website to consist of lies, smears and innuendo that Derek Draper described as “absolutely totally brilliant”, except that its targets are not Tories but our own side. The latest victim is Peter Willsman, NEC member and Secretary […]

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