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The right to protest is precious – we must defend it

by Jeremy Corbyn.

The right to protest is a precious and important one. It is fundamental to any democracy. Co-operation with the police has always been a sensitive area and indeed current legislation requires agreement with the police on march and demonstration routes. However, something very fundamental has changed this week. The organisers of the Time to Act […]

Fortnum 145: guilty of protesting sensibly

by Jon Lansman.

This morning 10 protesters have been found guilty of “aggravated trespass” at Fortnum & Masons. Laurie Penny commented “this is bloody ridiculous. I was there, it was a peaceful protest.” They were given a 6 month conditional discharge, with a£1000 cost order each, and one person got a £215 fine. This was for an action […]

OccupyLSX: vicars in a twist

by David Osler.

The OccupyLSX protest outside St Paul Cathedral seems to have boosted the rate of attrition among senior Anglican clergy to levels last seen in the mid-1550s. Given that the Church of England is factionally riven to the point that exposes the far left as wilful amateurs in the backstabbing stakes, we probably do not know […]

When will this scream of hurt and anger be heard?

by Michael Meacher.

I went to Occupy LSX outside St. Paul’s today after delivering a speech at a conference on how the banks had taken over and grossly abused in their own self-interest the control of the money supply. It is critical to our economy and the future of the British State, yet it has never been discussed […]

Would you march with the police?

by Owen Jones.

Relations between the anti-cuts movement and the police are bad. That’s an understatement: they are atrocious. The left has long been suspicious of the police, and not for reasons that can be dismissed as unreconstructed dogma. Far from being neutral arbiters at times of conflict between citizens and state, they have frequently acted in a […]

Banning EDL marches? Or being careful what you wish for

by Owen Jones.

If you were a genuine democrat at the turn of 1937, you would have been scared. Fascism was on the march across Europe. Italy had fallen first; German Nazism had shut down the world’s greatest labour movement virtually overnight and was upping the persecution of the Jews; and a fascist-backed military coup against Spain’s left-leaning […]

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