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Anti-Roma attacks show need to resist rise of the far-right throughout European Union

by Jeremy Corbyn.

Last Monday saw the wonderful sight of Roma flags raised outside Downing Street, representing a small proportion of the 12 million Roma people who live within the European Union. The Roma suffer huge discrimination and abuse on differing levels in every country across Europe. They were the first victims of the nazis, who shipped them off […]

David Blunkett fuels anti-Roma racism

by Jon Lansman.

The Romani people have uniquely suffered from uninterrupted systematic racism across Europe throughout the last century in spite of the minority rights established in international law by the Treaty of Versailles. In the first decades it ranged from oppressive segregation to genocide. In the Soviet bloc, material standards of living improved somewhat but at the cost […]

Europe’s shame: ethnic cleansing ignored

by Jon Lansman.

Across Europe, eight million Romani citizens of the EU are subject to systematic segregation and persecution that is similar to the treatment of Jews in the first months of Nazi rule. It is to Europe’s shame that it is largely ignored by western media and governments alike — the interest they did show in the […]

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