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Yemen’s calamity – blood on Britain’s hands

by Mike Phipps.

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) has published a new report, A Shameful Relationship: UK Complicity in Saudi State Violence by David Wearing. It exposes how the UK’s supply of weapons to Saudi Arabia for its devastating bombing of Yemen systematically violates international law. UK-made aircraft, bombs and missiles have been used in the bombing and […]

The economics of hypocrisy and why the sheikdoms have to go

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Paying close attention to politics you become immune to the dollops of lick spittle and cretinous behaviour that comes with it. Yesterday, however, didn’t only take the biscuit but dribbled great dollops of gob over it. Remember when the Dear Leader died and great numbers of presidents and prime ministers queued up to praise his rancid […]

Statement by a former Labour Leader on the death of a brutal dictator… breathtaking

by Jon Lansman.

This statement was issued by the Tony Blair office today: I am very sad indeed to hear of the passing of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah. I knew him well and admired him greatly. Despite the turmoil of events in the region around him, he remained a stable and sound ally, was […]

A foreign intervention that’s more than justified

by Jon Lansman.

Today, Jim Murphy makes a much trumpeted speech on the importance of intervention in foreign states. Labour will continue to support military interventions, we are told, as “an essential response to the world in which we live”. Now we, like most Labour members and most of the British public, believe that recent interventions in Iraq […]

Royal Wedding Special No 2: Tyrants on the guest list

by Jon Lansman.

The royal wedding is not a state occasion, or so it was claimed to justify the non-inclusion of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Perhaps that is just as well, since Westminster Abbey would have contained many more tyrants if it was. Neverthess the guest list still contains seven “royal” tyrants who are expected to attend […]

Time for an inquiry into the use of British arms in the Middle East

by Owen Jones.

Last Friday, over 50 unarmed protesters were murdered by Yemen’s Western-backed dictatorship. As growing unrest threatened to make Ali Abdullah Saleh the third tyrant toppled by the fury of the Arab street, the dictator opted for a shoot-to-kill policy against his own people:

The West’s Faustian deal with Arab tyranny unravels

by Michael Meacher.

As Gadaffi totters and Saudi Arabia, the Big One, comes into the Arab revolution’s sights, the hypocrisy that has long held the Arab states in bondage is coming home to roost.   The West’s deal with the Arab dictators is coming unstuck, big time. Despite all the Western pretensions about democracy, women’s rights, cracking down on […]

Blair, Arab despots, and the ethical dimension of Britain’s foreign policy

by Jon Lansman.

It’s too easy to sneer at those photos of Blair and Gaddafi. It was far better to shake the hand of a despot than to bomb thousands of his country’s innocent inhabitants (though the credit for the rapprochement between Britain and Libya in the wake of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 probably belongs […]

The rights and wrongs of Baroness Warsi

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Baroness Warsi must be fuming. Her attempt at making herself the top story in every newspaper yesterday failed spectacularly, torpedoed as it was by Alan Johnson’s shock departure. Nonetheless what Warsi said deserves some examination. Her essential point, that Islamophobia has passed the ‘dinner table test’ has some truth to it.  Sure, it is totally […]

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