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The snoopers’ charter raises its ugly head again

by Michael Meacher.

Bang on cue, Cameron this week reiterated what Andrew Parker, head of MI5, had demanded just before, that in the light of the Paris killings the UK security services needed more surveillance powers. Whenever there is a terrorist incident MI5 never misses an opportunity to demand ‘more resources’, closely followed in tandem by Cameron and May. […]

Civil liberties tossed out of the window as Labour is mesmerised by security services

by Diane Abbott.

The emergency surveillance bill rushed through Parliament this week was somewhat overshadowed by David Cameron’s reshuffle and the luridly misogynistic coverage of it in parts of the Tory press. But this bill, which gave government emergency powers so that the police and security services can continue to access phone and internet records, represented a new […]

The defend-the-security-services-right-or-wrong mob get bollocking in Commons debate

by Michael Meacher.

On every count the platitudinous apologists for mass surveillance took a kicking in yesterday’s Commons debate. Julian Smith, the previously unknown Tory MP who tried to get the Guardian prosecuted for treasonous behaviour in publishing details from the Snowden files, was reminded that the secretary of the D Notice committee, which advises the press against […]

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