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Why Andy Burnham should oppose the snoopers charter come what May does

by Jon Lansman.

Today, the Guardian reports that “Labour has edged closer to supporting the ‘snooper’s charter’“, referring to the Investigatory Powers Bill carried forward from the last session of Parliament. Andy Burnham, Labour’s shadow Home Secretary, said “Her commitment to an independent review of the case for bulk powers is a major concession but the right thing […]

Labour MPs abstain on snoopers’ charter. Straight talking, honest politics?

by Jon Lansman.

Yesterday in the vote on the second reading of the Investigatory Powers Bill (aka the snoopers charter), there were just two Labour votes against. All credit to Dennis Skinner and David Winnick who were amongst the 15 votes against (plus two tellers) comprising Lib Dem, Plaid, Green and SDLP MPs and a solitary SNP rebel. No doubt […]

The snoopers’ charter raises its ugly head again

by Michael Meacher.

Bang on cue, Cameron this week reiterated what Andrew Parker, head of MI5, had demanded just before, that in the light of the Paris killings the UK security services needed more surveillance powers. Whenever there is a terrorist incident MI5 never misses an opportunity to demand ‘more resources’, closely followed in tandem by Cameron and May. […]

Britain’s human rights record: things can only get worse

by Michael Meacher.

The revelation that the US National Security Agency and FBI were enabled in a major international snooping operation to access the systems of 9 of the world’s biggest internet companies and then to share that information with GCHQ, the UK giant eavesdropping and security agency, without ordinary US and British citizens being aware that their […]

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