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Ofsted chief exposes grammar school myths, but most are happy with nostalgia

by Conrad Landin.

I cried yes, I would like to see all private schools and grammar schools closed down, and then told the man that sorry, the conversation would have to end, as I wanted to dance to Dusty Springfield. We had been arguing for what felt like half an hour. It had started off on another topic, […]

Cracking open the middle class closed shop

by Owen Jones.

I thought there was a really good debate after my post on social mobility. There were a few, though, who objected. Their concern was that I was basically arguing in favour of kicking the ladder beneath me, or even of reinforcing the class system. In that case I probably didn’t explain my argument properly – because […]

Social mobility is a dead end

by Owen Jones.

I am a walking indictment of Britain’s class system. Because I was a middle-class kid who attended a primary school “located in an area of high economic deprivation in Stockport”, as Ofsted put it, I was uncomfortably aware of this from an early age. Without inflicting my life story on you, my mother was a […]

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