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Standard & Poor’s is right, ‘austerity’ has no economic clothes

by Ann Pettifor.

So European politicians want to shoot the messengers? Sure, ratings agencies haven’t always been reliable, decent or honest. And sure, like Eurozone politicians Standard & Poor is just following events, not shaping them. But on this occasion S&P’s analysis, if not their solution, is right. Credit Crunch 2.0 is fast accelerating and squeezing life out of […]

The political motivations of Standard & Poor’s

by David Osler.

First they downgraded America. Now it is the turn of the eurozone. Standard & Poor’s is well aware of the weight financial markets attach to its pronouncements, and of late has developed the alarming habit of timing them to maximise their impact. Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel have issued a statement, noting curtly that they […]

Who the hell are Standard & Poors?

by Mark Seddon.

Amidst all of the market babble and financial gobbledegook that poured from both ‘analysts’ and ‘practitioners’ following last week’s global market meltdown, came a shaft of light. It took the form of a question and the question was posed by Robert Reich; “Pardon me”, he said “but who gave Standard & Poor’s the authority to […]

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