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Dave finds out what it’s like when the gutter press have it in for you

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

As readers may know, I’m not a politician and when I worked in politics, it wasn’t at the spaddy level where you’re actually listened to. Yet me, a lowly ex-bag carrier responsible for caseloads in an obscure constituency, knows the first rule on resolving a political crisis is to wrap it up as quickly as […]

Intense relaxation: John McTernan and the freedom to not pay tax

by David Osland.

Peter Mandelson famously declared himself “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich, as long as they pay their taxes”. His successors now appear intensely relaxed about the wealthy not paying their taxes at all. Senior Blairite John McTernan has responded to last weekend’s Panama Papers revelations by reassuring Telegraph readers that “tax avoidance is an expression of […]

Scandal of 100,000k properties covering 1/2m acres owned in tax havens

by Michael Meacher.

The Eye has done a remarkable service in exposing the magnitude of offshore ownership of the UK’s historic country houses and of the huge swathes of the British countryside that they control. Using FOI applications and extensive analysis of other data, it has found that since 1999 titles to no less than 97,500 properties covering […]

Big four banks (with 1,629 subsidiaries in tax havens) are rotten heart of UK economy

by Michael Meacher.

The more that comes to light about the nefarious activities of the Big four banks, the more extraordinary it is that these banks (a) demand a return to business as usual (which of course caused the financial crash in the first place), (b) continue to fight back against any reforms of a dysfunctional finance sector, feeble […]

The great Spanish corporate tax dodge

by Tom Gill.

Spain’s biggest companies have greatly increased their presence in tax havens, with the number of subsidiaries established in these tax-lite territories up 44% during 2013, the worst year in the country’s economic crisis. The IBEX35 companies upped the number of branches in tax havens from 561 to 810 during that year, new research finds. Financial […]

Is Thatcherite ideology working?

by Jon Lansman.

In a general election a great number of things will be said, but only a few or even one really matters and that will determine who wins. This 2015 election is in effect a referendum on Thatcherite ideology. Here is what Labour should be saying, but isn’t. Point 1: For 35 years since 1980 the […]

London: tax haven-on-the-Thames

by Michael Meacher.

The latest evidence of massive tax avoidance going on right under our noses – uninvestigated, undetected, unaddressed – is truly staggering. A Financial Times analysis of Land Registry data has found that that at least £122bn of property in England and Wales, a sum equal to no less than 8% of Britain’s entire GDP, is held […]

Tory party treasurer demands tax on super-rich cut to zero

by Michael Meacher.

In an extraordinary interview, Lord Fink, the Tory party’s treasurer, has admitted that he lobbied the government to compete with the Cayman Islands and other offshore havens, where tax rates are far lower than in Britain, by cutting taxes sharply on the mega-rich who invest in hedge funds. His motive, he likes to tell us, is to […]

Tax havens are latter-day pirates. They should be treated accordingly

by Jon Lansman.

Jersey today threatens to declare independence from the UK to protect its financial interests. These “financial interests” are the historic practice of drawing in the financial activities of multinational businesses and wealthy individuals in exchange for a modest ‘rent’. This action by Jersey and numerous other tax havens provides the basis of aggressive tax avoidance […]

Osborne stokes the cancer of British politics

by Michael Meacher.

After unveiling an anti-tax avoidance deal with the Swiss two weeks ago, the day before the budget, with the self-righteous puff “I regard tax evasion as morally repugnant”, Osborne is now under pressure to backtrack fast. What he did not say is that the tax rate he negotiated with the Swiss authorities that would be […]

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