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The left needs to go on the offensive

by Dominic Curran.

I was recently pondering how, from the rule of Thatcher, the centre of British politics has been dragged rightwards as all political parties have accepted neoliberalism. One Nation Toryism lies all but dead; the LibDems seem to have succumbed almost totally to the “Orange Book” tendency; and then of course there was the rise of […]

The complex legacy of Tony Blair

by Andy Newman.

The rise of Owen Jones as a persuasive and articulate exponent of socialist politics is certainly a very welcome development, and the reach of his articles in the Independent gives him a useful vehicle for propagating left-wing ideals, which he does very well. However, I want to take issue with Owen’s recent article about Tony Blair. One of biggest intellectual challenges for […]

The age of consensus is over. And I fear things are about to turn ugly

by Owen Jones.

Watching the trailer for The Iron Lady, the forthcoming biopic of Margaret Thatcher, I shuddered. All the indications are that her adoring fans will have much to be pleased about: the film apparently champions their image of a determined leader battling against the odds, vindicated by events and toppled by the treachery of lesser beings. […]

Power to the bosses is the Tories’ goal

by Owen Jones.

Never let a serious crisis go to waste, was the advice of Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s former chief of staff, at the height of the 2008 financial crisis. His old boss may have struggled to embrace the wisdom, but it appears to have become a mantra for Conservatives who gathered in Manchester this week. So […]

I will not weep when Thatcher dies – but I won’t celebrate either

by Owen Jones.

Like most other people on the left, Margaret Thatcher is my biggest political influence. Because of her ruthlessness and determination, and the inept, divided opposition she was up against, her governments transformed British society beyond recognition. My politics were forged in opposition to everything she achieved – and God, she achieved a lot.

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