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Government duplicity on torture from Blair to Cameron: eleven evasions

by Michael Meacher.

The whole narrative of the UK government’s response to the brutal revelations of US rendition and torture at Guantanamo and ‘black sites’ spread across E. Europe, the Middle East and Asia has been one of subterfuge, deception and downright lying, in sharp contrast to the determination of the political class in the US to get […]

Afghanistan: more bad news

by Mike Phipps.

You know things are not going well when even the puppet government installed by the occupying US forces criticises its masters. In January, President Hamid Karzai publicly accused the American military of torture and arbitrary detention at Bagram Air Base, the largest US-run prison in Afghanistan.

The British (Tory) Establishment opts for secrecy & repression, again

by Michael Meacher.

The news about the police is unremittingly oppressive. Firstly, for the first time ever in crowd control they used a taser at the Dale Farm evictions, amid sickening scenes of unnecessary violence. Secondly, we now discover that senior police officers authorised undercover officers to conceal from the courts their real identities when giving evidence under […]

Baha Mousa: not due to just a few rotten apples

by Michael Meacher.

The killing of Baha Mousa, who died from 93 wounds inflicted by British soldiers at Basra in September 2003, cannot be dismissed as the obscene work of a few violent bullies who got out of control in this shameful incident. Nor is it reassuring to hear the MOD intone that all necessary reforms have now […]

Inquiry essential into ‘Britain’s Abu Ghraib’

by Michael Meacher.

The evidence now emerging about systemic abuse by British soldiers against Iraqi prisoners is exceptionally serious.   We have preened ourselves hitherto that, by contrast to the Americans who routinely used torture in their Bagram detention centre in Afghanistan and Abu Ghraib in Iraq (as well as in their global secret network of ‘black prisons’ where […]

Respect to Wikileaks – keeper of the world’s conscience

by Michael Meacher.

This second leaked batch of secret US army field reports – this time nearly 400,000 reports on Iraq following the 90,000 on Afghanistan – is truly horrible in what it reveals.   But what will be the result?   The details of torture, sadistic abuse, summary executions, and every kind of war crime are utterly shocking in […]

Extraordinary Rendition: The truth about David Miliband please!

by Mark Seddon.

As ballot papers for Labour’s leadership land on doorsteps this week, those electing the next Leader of the Opposition, namely party members, MPs and affiliated trades unionists have a duty not only to consider their party’s best interests, but the country’s best interests too.

Jack Straw should go now

by Jon Lansman.

Making the transition from Government to opposition requires that Labour  recognises as quickly as possible where it went wrong, on what issues it was most decisively rejected, and seeks to distance itself from its past. Civil liberties is a prime example, and one on which the Tory performance largely bears out its opposition stance: Labour […]

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