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Progressive Conservatism 2005-2012

by Carl Packman.

David Wooding, the political editor of The Sun, said during reports of the cabinet reshuffle that for him two things were at play: firstly moves were being made in order for the Tories to be more in touch with the public, and secondly Cameron wanted to temper the rabble on his backbenches. To be sure, […]

David Cameron: not Tory enough?

by David Osler.

What David Cameron has achieved in just two years in office should be getting the free market right more excited than Ken Livingstone’s doctor. Instead, substantial sections of his own party are subjecting him to sustained assault for the alleged insufficiency of his attachment to their dogma. So crazed are his assailants that they seemingly accord […]

A Nightmare Scenario

by Jon Lansman.

I accept what has rapidly become the conventional Labour wisdom: acceptance of defeat and a period of opposition to reflect on the reasons for it is in Labour’s and, if the coalition comes unstuck before too long, the country’s best interest. The alternative was also not a “progressive alliance” but, as Mark Seddon argued at […]

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