Uniting against Islamophobia, antisemitism and fascism in Europe

Unite_logoAn ugly situation in Europe is turning nastier. In recent years we’ve seen a growth of racist and populist right wing parties across the continent. Many mainstream politicians have pandered to this development, choosing to blame migrants and the Muslim community for the economic and social problems that austerity has created.

On top of this, Western foreign policy in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere has created wars, refugees, and failed states. This is a situation which combines waging war against Muslim countries abroad, whilst scapegoating Muslims at home. Continue reading

EDL not welcome in London’s east end – be there this Saturday

edl_not_welcome_in_tower_hamletsThe fascist English Defence League (EDL) has announced plans to demonstrate in East London on Saturday 7 September. They have attempted to march in Tower Hamlets three times before. On each occasion trade unions, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, other faith, LGBT communities, local elected politicians and many more stood together and prevented them from entering the borough.

Now more than ever it is crucial we stand together again. The EDL is trying to stir up racial hatred following the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in May, we must not let them. Continue reading

Student newspapers: no place for fascists

Last week the Leeds Student – an official paper of Leeds University Union – defied their union’s ‘no platform for fascists’ policy and published an interview with Nick Griffin, both in their print addition and online. The interview since also been published by Cardiff University’s SU paper.

In response to this appalling decision students from Leeds and across the country are uniting behind a campaign demanding that the paper revoke their decision and take the article down.

In the interview, Nick Griffin defends his links with the Ku Klux Klan. He alleges that civil partnerships will mean that “children will die over the next few years” because it undermines the institutional of heterosexual marriages. He also attempts to justify the BNP’s policy of “an all-white Britain” – a policy that can only be achieved through the ending of democracy and violently removing millions of Black people from Britain.

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