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The Left frames the debate at Welsh Labour conference

by Darren Williams.

Welsh Labour’s annual conference, held in Llandudno last weekend, saw the party united in condemnation of the Tories’ devastating policies but upbeat about Labour’s chances of victory of 2015. During a refreshingly open Q&A session, Ed Miliband paid fulsome tribute to Carwyn Jones’ Cardiff administration, from which he said the British party could learn.

Navigating to Welsh unity against austerity

by Gordon Gibson.

The call was for ‘Plan B’ but unity was the dominant theme at Compass Wales’ panel debate in Cardiff this week. A fine array of speakers, led by Guardian columnist, John Harris, came together to debate Compass’s ‘Plan B’, their alternative to austerity. Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, the Green Party’s Anthony Slaughter and John […]

Labour reorganisation delayed in Wales. Time for autonomy?

by Jon Lansman.

Next week’s meeting of Labour’s executive is likely to agree to defer reorganising constituency Labour parties in Wales in what should be seen as an indication of the acceptance of greater autonomy for the Welsh party. Whereas all other constituency parties in Britain are to be reorganised from January 2013 in the light of proposals for […]

Swansea Shenanigans: never mind fascists and incompetents, stop the socialists

by Jon Lansman.

Regaining control of Swansea City Council after 8 years in opposition is Labour’s prime target in Wales, and one of its key targets across the UK. In a ward with a history of far right political activity (including entrism within the Labour Party), and less than a week before close of nominations, Wales General Secretary, David […]

Leanne Wood’s win is a victory for the Left

by Darren Williams.

Leanne Wood, the left candidate, founder member of the cross-party Celyn editorial team and occasional Labour Briefing contributor, has won Plaid Cymru’s leadership election. The South Wales Central Assembly Member secured 55% of the vote over her main rival, Elin Jones, on the second ballot, after former leader, Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas had been eliminated. Her […]

Leanne Wood elected leader of Plaid Cymru – a new challenge for Labour

by Jon Lansman.

Leanne Wood has been elected leader of Plaid Cymru with 3,326 votes compared to runner-up Elin Jones’s 2,494. Leanne is a socialist and a republican as well as a nationalist, and will unquestionably lead Plaid to the Left. In doing so she will pose a new challenge to Carwen Jones, Welsh First Minister, and Welsh […]

Mark Serwotka backs Leanne Wood for Plaid leadership

by Newsdesk.

Plaid’s Leanne Wood has received the backing of Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), who called her “one of the most outstanding politicians in Wales.” Leanne Wood  has been a consistent supporter of picket lines and union rallies over the years in defence of pay and conditions for public sector workers […]

Welsh Labour circles the wagons

by Darren Williams.

Wales is the one part of Britain (at least, beyond municipal level) where Labour remains in government and this achievement elicited due respect from Ed Miliband, Iain McNicol and Douglas Alexander when they visited Welsh Labour conference in Cardiff on the weekend. But, while Alexander was keen to co-opt the Welsh example of successful devolution […]

What would a Leanne Wood victory mean for Labour

by Andy Newman.

Leanne Wood’s campaign to become leader of Plaid goes from strength to strength, now gaining the endorsement of Dafydd Iwan, former president of the party, and a renowned Welsh-language musician. Iwan’s support is significant as it bridges the gap between the traditionalist Welsh speaking foundations of Plaid’s support in the West and North of the country with the left-wing republicanism […]

Could Leanne Wood enable Plaid to challenge Labour in Wales like the SNP has in Scotland?

by Jon Lansman.

Nominations closed today in the race for the leadership of Plaid Cymru with Leanne Wood emerging as the 4-5 favourite according to online bookmaker Paddy Power. She faces three of her fellow assembly members in the contest — former MP and now AM for Mid and West Wales, Simon Thomas, another former MP and leader in the 1980s, […]

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