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Nigel Farage on invading imperial Germany

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Compare and contrast. One party leader is caught on tape saying he’d like to do away with the NHS and replace it with an American-style health insurance scheme, and has recently said the allies should have invaded imperial Germany, even if it cost an extra 100,000 casualties. Another leader gives a beggar money and looks […]

Why the Great War was not stopped

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

A century on and the establishment are still soft-soaping it. So no Dave, no. Britain didn’t declare war against Germany for the sake of poor little Belgium, the rights of small nations or for the defence of neutrality. Those then groaning under the weight of our empire might have had a thing or two to say […]

Labour and the Great War

by Andy Newman.

The First World War was an unmitigated catastrophe, leaving over 9 million dead, countless millions more invalided, orphaned, widowed, displaced or impoverished. It destroyed an estimated £208 bn of capital value, and caused economic devastation much greater than that. It plunged much of Europe into political instability, and the lowered threshold to solving issues through […]

War – what is it good for?

by Jeremy Corbyn.

August is traditionally a time of concentrated conflict and when wars have started. One hundred years ago this week the first world war broke out as a result of a series of dangerous interlocking military alliances, a massive arms race between Britain and Germany, and a competition between European powers for trade and colonial influence all […]

Busting the myths of the WW1 apologists

by Dominic Curran.

This summer will mark the outbreak of the First World War and, although comment has gone quiet since the beginning of this year, the usual apologist discourse for the waging of this war will doubtlessly soon recommence. Such accounts are however part of a revisionist attempt to construct a myth of a ‘just war’ to justify present western military […]

Armistice day launch for Philosophy Football’s remembering 1914 t-shirt

by Mark Perryman.

Today, on Armistice Day 2013, Philosophy Football launch offer a Special Edition T-shirt for next year’s 1914 Centenary.  Designed by renowned illustrator and Philosophy Football collaborator Dan Murrell, a hauntingly simple yet incredibly powerful image to commemorate the sacrifice, appalling waste and destruction of the ‘Great War’. A silhouette of an unknown soldier, with a […]

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