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Privatisation strikes again, this time against the homeless

The pell-mell rush to outsource all public services is being shipwrecked this Xmas on a huge rock which is set to have devastating consequences for those tragically vulnerable persons who only get attention the year round at Christmas time.

Thousands of homeless people suffering from mental illness, addiction to drugs or alcohol, and crushing debt problems will this Christmas, for the first time, be abandoned because a major charity which offered them crucial support services has been forced to close because it (and there will undoubtedly be many other charities to follow) was pressured by the prime minister’s Big Society charade to take on public services, including pension liabilities, which it rapidly found it could not afford.

Driving ‘People Can’ into insolvency now abruptly ends the homelessness support services which it provided for several English local authorities. There can be no doubt that as a result many homeless people will die this winter.

Why is this ideological project, the Big Society, being rolled out nationwide without out any prior testing of its likely impact or viability?

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  1. treborc says:

    I suspect labour Tories will be saying well if they die then of course they do not need housing.

    We would be in the same place even if labour had won the last election we had Brown desperately looking around for money talking about welfare, he spoke about benefits being wasted on people, it took some labour people and Tories to stop him ending DLA.

    The real problem here right now is finding a reason to vote at all for three parties basically running along the same lines.

    Miliband is telling the sick the disabled those on benefits to take any job your offered, this from a bloke who had never done a day real work in his life.

    Vote labour, why….

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