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Merry Christmas from Left Futures, and from Paul Robeson

Merry Christmas to all our readers. The site has gone from strength to strength this year, with more readers than ever and a wider range of contributors. We hope to feature the year’s most popular articles when 2012 is finally at its close. If you’re interested in writing for Left Futures yourself, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the form here. Keep following the site over the holidays, although posts will be less frequent due to contributors being away. Meanwhile, here’s the great Paul Robeson to enlighten any celebrations. If you want something more subversive, check out ex-Slits guitarist Viv Albertine’s “alternative Christmas single”!


  1. Robert says:

    merry Xmas to all.

  2. Jenny Fisher says:

    “Priceless”, Imran Khan? “Priceless”? Or did you mean to type “inflammatory, offensive, racist drivel” and your fingers slipped?
    Since Lutfur Rahman was elected mayor of Tower Hamlets, he has been subjected to constant attacks from local and national politicians and the local and regional press, much of which is racist and almost all of which is racist by implication. This has encouraged racist and extreme right wing blogs and websites all over the world to pitch in with unfrounded allegations. The result is to stoke racism about and within the Borough.
    I managed to watch about 20 seconds of the video to which you refer. It shows Hitler plotting a military manoeuvre with other Nazis (I assume it is a film), and the voiceover pretends to be Lutfur, planning some takeover or other (I really couldn’t stand it long enough to find out).
    My mother and her family lived under the Nazis, were persecuted by them and endured horrendous privation and bereavement (as, of course, did millions of other) until they escaped. I know where stoking up a population to scapegoat a minority race can lead.
    And this tactic, undertaken locally some 50 years later, led to my ward in Tower Hamlets electing the first BNP councillor in the UK. The practical consequences of this validation of racism were shocking. I won’t tolerate racism against Lutfur Rahman because it just takes us back to those days again. There are far more problems caused by racism against Lutfur Rahman than by his decisions in the Town Hall.
    And you are suggesting the readers of LF should enjoy watching a video portraying Lutfur Rahman as Hitler. You are either ignorant or thoughtless, or probably both.
    I can only assume the LF moderator is on holiday.

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