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In response to Labour party reforms, Unite halves affiliation payment to Labour

by Jon Lansman.

The Unite executive has been meeting this week and it was announced this evening that, in response to the decision of Labour’s special conference last weekend on ‘party reform’, the Unite affiliation to the Labour party will be cut by half in anticipation of the likelihood that fewer than half those currently paying the political […]

Left likely to consolidate its influence on Unite executive – but will it remain a United Left?

by Jon Lansman.

Nominations closed last week for the elections to the executive of Unite, Britain’s biggest union, and, based on an analysis of the nominations received, it seems likely that the United Left which backed Len McCluskey for General Secretary and currently has a large majority on the executive is likely to consolidate its position. The executive […]

Breaking: Unite launches legal action over Grangemouth sacking

by John Millington.

Unite launched legal action today after Grangemouth convenor Mark Lyon was sacked by Ineos. Mr Lyon who has worked at the company for 25 years was tried in absence and told of his dismissal earlier today. Unite said it will appeal the company’s decision and issue an employment tribunal claim for unfair dismissal and victimisation […]

Unite executive elections kick off

by Jon Lansman.

Nominations opened this month for the elections to the executive of Britain’s biggest union, and it is an important test for the United Left which backed Len McCluskey for General Secretary and currently has a large majority on the executive. Branches of Unite have until Friday 14 February (now extended) to make nominations for the […]

Unite offers Miliband an olive branch, with clear red lines

by Jon Lansman.

The executive council of Unite the Union yesterday offered Ed Miliband a compromise in his efforts to “mend the link” between Labour and the trade unions, but also set out the red lines which it is not prepared to cross. In a unanimous decision, it welcomed “any measures which increase the involvement of individual trade […]

Labour needs a strong union link with a more democratic Labour Party

by Jim Kelly.

The current debate about the Labour Party–trade union link is the most fundamental since the TUC voted back in 1899 to establish what became the Labour Party. It isn’t a debate we asked for, because we’d rather concentrate on winning back millions of voters including our own members to ensure we end austerity and restore the hope, decent jobs […]

Unite statement on Falkirk

by Newsdesk.

In July this year Unite was subjected to a major campaign of criticism regarding allegations of misconduct in the affairs of Falkirk Constituency Labour Party – in essence that the union had tried to manipulate the selection procedure for a Labour candidate for the constituency outside the Party’s rules. The union was enjoined by a […]

In Bournemouth at the TUC, union leaders firm up against Ed Miliband’s proposals

by Jon Lansman.

In Bournemouth for the TUC Congress, the leaders of the three biggest unions affiliated to the Labour Party yesterday firmed up their position against Ed Miliband’s proposals to ‘reform’ the Labour Party trade union link. Dave Prentis, General Secretary of Unison which already has two sections of its political fund – one affiliated to Labour […]

Blacklist beaten – Frank Morris reinstated on Crossrail

by John Millington.

Blacklisted UNITE union shop steward Frank Morris is returning to work on the Crossrail project on 9 September. This is a massive victory, not just for UNITE but the whole of the trade union movement. Frank Morris came to symbolise the struggle the unions are waging against the illegal blacklist of their members by major […]

Enhance the union collective role in the party, don’t reduce it

by Martin Mayer.

Ed Miliband’s proposals to “mend” the trade union/Labour Party link were prompted by an internal battle for the soul of the Labour Party. This culminated in a bitter row over Falkirk, when the right wing – Blairite shadow ministers, a majority of the PLP and the New Labour pressure group Progress – cried “foul “over UNITE’s success in building support for yet another working class trade unionist candidate.

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