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Rail union backs Diane Abbott for Leader

The leadership of the TSSA rail union today backed Diane Abbott as the next Labour leader. The 30,000 strong members of the white collar union were urged by their union executive to support the left wing candidate in the hustings which close in advance of the party’s conference in September.

Gerry Doherty, general secretary of the union, said:

Diane was the only candidate who supported our policy of a publicly owned railway without any quaification or hesitation. Labour went into the 1997 election saying it was going to reverse the Tories privatised railway but never did anything to undo that damage over the past 13 years. We want an affordable state owned railway system like the rest of Europe. Diane agrees with that very sensible policy and we shall be asking our members to vote for her accordingly.”

The TSSA is only the third union to make a nomination.  USDAW and Community have both nominated David Miliband.

One Comment

  1. Robert says:

    What can I say I’m not a member of labour anymore my 46 years came to an end not to long ago.

    Abbott is to the left, well a sort of pinkish left touching on the blue tinge being the main colour, the rest are in the blue area of New labour.

    So whom would I vote for if I had to vote, “Cameron”. how sad is that.

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