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The sooner Cameron gets back to multicultural Notting Hill, the better

Multiculturalism has not failed here in Hackney. Afro-Caribbean, African, Indian, Irish, Vietnamese, Jewish and Turkish men and women all live side by side. We enjoy the best of each other’s culture. It is that multicultural mix that has made London a world city. The segregation that Cameron deplores is a response to racism. In too many northern cities, a fear of racist attack (and tacit racism by housing departments and estate agents) has led to de facto segregation.

But attacking multiculturalism is blaming the victim. I guess Cameron launched his attack partly as “red meat” for the restive Tory grassroots and partly as a courtesy to Angela Merkel (who beats the anti-foreigner drum). If this is the effect that  being in Germany has on him, the sooner Cameron gets back to multicultural Notting Hill, the better


  1. Malcolm Bush says:

    I entirely agree with this article, multiculturalism has not failed. I do however believe we have a considerable number of social drop-outs who blame multiculturalism everything that goes wrong in their lives. I do not think that the ‘big society’ was invented by the Conservatives; It’s an old ideology re branded, however we need it now more than ever. We need to suppress this ‘cheap larger’ mindset, build a future that encompasses all of society.

  2. Elli Davis says:

    Anyway, I think Britain should introduce stricter rules concerning immigration. Because otherwise the number of people who come to live there without even the basic knowledge of the language or culture will grow.

  3. jane says:

    The fact that we are even allowed to debate this now shows progress is being made. To question multiculturalism amoung academic circles was unheard of until now.

    Blaming racism for every failure is getting tired. We have tried. We have made laws that make trying compulsory and not trying not only illegal but immoral.

    People coming here segregate by choice. They want to live amongst their own. The level of personal affinity and communication is much lower when people have a lot of differences between them. It’s entirely logical. It’s why you have local sub-groups living apart in every country around the world, from tribal groupings in Africa, to north and south India. It’s about identity, and you will never never change that. There’s a kind of anti-humanisn in wanting to change that. This is always the fault of the religious left, they want to make human beings different from what they are, not realising that to enforce such ideas is to create misery.

    To freedom, and to the end of the multicultural nightmare.

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