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Will Blair, Bush and Kissinger be brought before the International Court of Justice

That the former Serb General Ratko Mladic was able to escape detection for sixteen years, beggars belief. The relative’s house he used as a ‘safe house’ was reportedly searched some four times – presumably with Mladic being told to take a stroll while they took place. That the butcher of Srebrenica was finally arrested this week is largely down to the fact that Serbia’s accession to the European Union hung on him being apprehended and that the government in Belgrade now leans more towards pragmatic engagement than the nihilist nationalism that once had the Balkans in flames.

Clearly alleged war criminals can run and may be allowed to hide, until they run out of friends or are no longer worthy bargaining chips. But the question has once again been raised; when is the comparatively new and increasingly more effective hand of international justice going to be strengthened? Or to put it more directly, when will it’s supporters be able to say to their critics that international justice is not ‘victor’s justice’?

Alleged war criminals from the losing side, whether it be Nazi Germany, Serbia or the progenitors of the Rwandan genocide have faced international tribunals and today’s International Criminal Court in The Hague. Hopefully others such as Gadafi of Libya and Assad of Syria will one day join them. But what of those accused of war crimes or of complicity in helping to make them happen from ‘victor’ nations? To be more specific, when will Henry Kissinger face trial and when will George Bush or Tony Blair face trial?

This is far from being an unreasonable question. For the International Court of Criminal Justice in The Hague to be utterly without reproach and more to the point be able to face down the claims that it acts on behalf of the West, it has to be able to try those such as Kissinger, Bush and Blair who many believe do have a case to answer.  The claims against Kissinger are rooted in his alleged involvement in the Indonesian operations in East Timor following the Portuguese withdrawl in 1975, and of course the carpet bombing of a neutral country, Cambodia in that same decade.

Tony Blair it is alleged acted on dubious information sources that had been ‘sexed up’ so as to exaggerate, and as it proved, falsify claims against Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq. The former Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Anan, said that the war in Iraq was “illegal”. The long awaited Chilcott Report into the Iraq War seems likely to provide further evidence that Tony Blair may have knowingly taken Britain into an illegal war.

If these are crimes, they clearly differ from the more direct ritual abuse and murder of civilians carried out by the likes of Mladic and Gadaffi. But it is up to the International Court to let us know if there is a case to be made.

For international law to work, for illegal wars and conflicts to be stopped, for the prevention of atrocities on civilians to be prevented, the court has to be utterly even handed.

So for those who say that Kissinger, Bush and Blair should be forced to stand trial, it is up to them to start building the case and collecting the evidence.

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  1. Gary Elsby says:

    So who is filling up Tripoli hospitals?

    If there is a difference between a few civiians being killed ‘accidently’ by a British tomahawk Crusie missile and a genocide of 300 men and boys shot in the back of the head, then what is it?

    In the eyes of the law-the Hague- which is the more derserving of a punishment?
    The West will not execute either and the most we can expect is a whole life term.

    So if International law demands that each Country gas a right to self determination, then who are we to differ?
    Who are we to prosecute a difference by killing Gaddafi’s granchildren in a targetted and illegal assasination attempt?
    Disallowed by US laws and equally considered illegal via resolution 1973.

    The law is the law, or is it not?

  2. Sal says:

    Who has been prosecuted for the Genocide of Serbians in the horrific area of Krajina, carried out by Croations in the full knowledge of the West?

    Now I hear theres’ a move to make Genocide denial an hate crime.

    How very,very convenient!

    I’m still waiting to see just one Jewish Bolshavik to be brought to justice for the Holocaust they wrought on Russian Christians’.

    It’s not about justice and only fools would accept that it is.
    Fabian Ministers both in the USA/ UK also at the UN and the European Empire virtually under Fabian control, then to send anyone to the Hague court, another Fabian constuct, it’s a joke.
    The NWO, Globalisation will come about millions will die protesting it, but who cares?

    Cameron and Sarkozy in their little war games of 2010 operation Southland-Minstral boy- looked so much like a practise run for what we now see in Libya.
    His Sovereign Wealth fund worth Billions ghosted away to the USA.
    Tons of Gold no doubt will follow on, what NATO and the WEST have done in their humanitarian aid effort is, delaying the Water Gadaffi’s HUGE dam built to aid Africa in feeding itself. could that be why the attack was needed can’t have Africans feeding themselves without the need to borrow from the IMF can we?

    You won’t find many translated films better you don’t find out, what crimes were hidden away brushed under the big carpet, your attention taken over and distracted away from a real war crime!
    Learn about KRAJINA they cover this up- what else do they hide away?

    This from the IRGC

    Serbia has never faced its Nazi collaborationist past nor rejected fascism as an ideology, which is the main reason for the violent developments in the nineties where Serbian followers of ultranationalist ideology caused four wars in the Balkans and are directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of innocent human lives, millions displaced, and mass destruction of historical monuments, infrastructure and entire settlements. Serbian ultranationalist propaganda false claims are based on completely fabricated facts. Unfortunately, until Serbia recognizes and accept the facts of its infamous and troubled past, the process of reconciliation and progress towards a sustainable future together with mutual respect in the region will continue to stagnate.

    What hope is there?

    On August 4, 1995, the Croatian Government, a proxy and satellite state of the U.S., launched the largest act of ethnic cleansing of the entire Yugoslav conflict of the 1990s.

    From 250,000 to 300,000 Krajina Serbs were driven from their ancestral homes in the largest act of ethnic cleansing since the Holocaust, since the end of World War II in 1945.

    Krajina Serb refugees listed the names of 2,650 Serbs who were killed in this unprecedented act of genocide. But because the U.S. Government and media orchestrated and planned this genocide and ethnic cleansing campaign, it was covered-up and censored and suppressed.

    The President even put into words the Serbs must leave Croacia,US help assured

    US And German Influence/ Croatian Genocide Of Krajina Serbs English


    “Croatian Ethnic Cleansing of Krajina Serbs”

    Britain refused to allow the Serb photographs of war crimes to be shown instead allowed the muslims to put on theirs’.

    Richard Holbrooke now dead Thank God!!

    Reading Western press one gets impression that the Serbs settled in Krajina recently. The media keeps calling these Serbs “Croatian Serbs” and says that the Serbs “occupied”, “grabbed”, “conquered”, etc. this land. As evident from any major reference book the Serbs were invited to settle in Krajina in 1578. Ever since Krajina was independent and separate entity from Croatia. Only since 1941 (during Croat Nazi occupation) and after 1945 (during Croat Communist Tito’s rule) was Krajina assigned to be part of Croatia

    Germany demonized the Serbs in WW2 and again in the 90s!
    Yugoslavia was in their way…

    The muslims in the genocide myth- were found alive and fighting!!!!
    Madelian Allbright increased the number/inflated we don’t hear these voices denying the genocide.

  3. Neil Craig says:

    “Utterly beyond reproach” seems a curious term.

    For the ICC to be in any way whatsoever honest they would have to be transprently treatung all sides honestly.

    For example there is no possible doubt that almost all NATO leaders were involved in the war against Yugoslavia; that, unlike anything any Serbs did) this was an aggressive and hence criminal war; that they are also criminally liable for the ethnic cleansing of 350,000 people after NATO occupied Kosovo; ditto for the sexual enslavement of children kidnapped by NATO police; ditto for the dissection of 1,800 people, while still alive, to steal their body organs.

    If thye ICC is in any remotest degree whatsoever something other than wholly corrupt and racist theyn must have already brought Clinton, Blair and many thousands of others to trial, found them guilty, and imprisoned the scum for life.

    I must have missed that.

    The writer also owes an apology to Radko Mladic for saying he committed murder, unless he has some irefutable evidence – something the “court” “trying” him certainly has not. Has he, indeed, any evidence whatsoever that Mladic has done anything 1,000th as evil as the obscene, racist, child raping, genocidal, cannibalistc Nazi Miliband brothers?

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