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Tories get it all wrong on Livingstone campaign donations

The Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has briefed the Evening Standard, asking “what exactly Bob Crow will be getting in return for his campaign donations” to Ken Livingstone’s campaign. Yet no donation has been received. Specifically Philip Hammond said:

“I’m sure many Londoners, like me, will be wondering what exactly Bob Crow will be getting in return for his campaign donations?”

Rather than just ignoring this idiocy, Ken’s team have take the unusual step of drawing attention to it. A spokesperson for Ken Livingstone’s campaign responded:

Ken’s campaign has had no offer of a donation from the RMT and none received. The real issue is that the Tories are playing politics with industrial relations on the tube, instead of the mayor sitting down with unions to resolve the ongoing threat of strikes. We have two points in response to the Tories. One, If you want to make an issue out of donations, feel free. Boris Johnson has met bankers and financiers more than the police: you should now say how many of them have donated, via the Conservative party, to his campaign – put up or shut up. Two, when will Boris Johnson’s campaign for Mayor stop creating diversions about the RMT and start talking to the transport unions to stop disruption to London commuters?”

This is now the third time the Tories have tried to get an RMT story going.


It is not for no reason that the Boris Johnson campaign has been called ‘staggeringly negative’.

Ken’s team intend to call them out when Boris Johnson’s Tories go negative in this way. It shows Boris Johnson’s is not the amusing and friendly persona he likes to project.

Londoners are fed up of tube disruption because of Boris Johnson’s failed industrial relations policy of refusing to meet the tube unions. That leads to tube misery for commuters and industrial disputes. Boris Johnson promised a no strike deal with the unions but has never met them. This poor record should be drawn attention to.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Well done Ken. The more distance you can put between yourself and the unions especially the RMT thugs the better. Like Ed Mill who wisely pulled out of the Durham Miners Gala you are giving yourself a chance at getting elected. The RMT bring nothing but misery to Londoners with their stupid demands. This is no time to be standing by the selfish. Sensible economics is the only realistic way forward.

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