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The Atos nightmare gets worse

As a result of my taking up the case of my constituent Colin Trayner in a House of Commons adjournment debate, who was an epileptic since birth subject to grand mal seizures and who at the age of 29 was declared fit for work but died in a grand mal fit before his appeal could be heard, I have now received several more heart-rending messages about many others who have been similarly appallingly badly treated. I attach here a few notes about some of these cases.

*Mr. A has been HIV positive for 15 years. As well as symptoms of his disease, the side effects of his medication, which keeps him alive, consist of constant incontinence of the bowel. The only way he is able to leave the house is to fast the day before. He was called to a medical, and starved himself the day before so he could attend. The medical took 2 hours, during which he explained the symptoms of his illness to the nurse. She said she had enough evidence and therefore did not physically examine him. When he received the decision, he had scored no points (you need 15 points to be declared unfit for work).

*Mrs. B has fibromyalgia, Paget’s disease (swelling of the brain causing deafness inter alia), and rheumatism. She can’t walk without severe discomfort, and is confined to bed 3or 4 days per fortnight. She scored no p;oints.

*Mrs. C has lupus, migraine, agarophobia, and gets anxiety and panic attacks. She got no points.

*Mr. D had diabetes, heart condition, and lymphoedema. The DWP made 3 appointments for him because he had major walking difficulties. The DWP then agreed that he could complete the ESA form in his car, though he had asked the DWP officer to come out to complete the form, which was refused. Mr. D died while completing the form.

*Mr. E has arthritis, diabetes, depression and anxiety. He received the ESA form, and rang the DWP to inform them that he couldn’t fill the form in for the moment because his son had hanged himself 2 weeks before. The DWP warned him that if he did not fill in the form and return it by a specified date, his benefit would be stopped.

*Ms. F has two children aged 8 and 11. She has a serious mental health problem, but can cope on benefit. When she was seen, she had 29p left in the electricity meter and no food. It’s not only adults who can be the victims of Atos, but children as well.


  1. M&M says:

    Sadly the problems with ATOS will carryon as they are doing the dirty work of the DWP.
    A case involving a registerred Blind man who is a guide dog user, after his assessment he was found fit for work, The Dr claimed he only had mild sight loss. Go figure.

  2. m&e says:

    The goverment expect people to honest and truthful with regards to their medical conditions -yet between them (Goverment,DWP & ATOS) are nothing but liars and cheats.They are really NOT setting a good example to the british people ,let alone the younger generations .Their is NO trust anymore .The goverment go on about benefit fraud …maybe they should look at themselves to see who is actually committing the benefit fraud-which in my eyes is themselves .They are the ones who are lying and cheating the british people that they claim they are” passionate about caring about”.

  3. S&J says:

    I suffer from Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, chronic asthma, The pain is severe with little to no sleep, this cause my stress to rise and my asthma to kick in. I have already twice tried to take my life when younger but am now back on antidepressents due to suicidal thoughts. I had two part-time jobs that I loved and have had to give them up. It was desperation that I sent a form in for disability-I got turned down and left it. Then I applied again and was turned again again-I then sent an apeal letter and have been informed that a ATOS medical examiner is coming to see me. I am terrified and my panic levels are rising-DWP do seem to treat you as a criminal IMO. A scrounger. I started with these FM many years ago and never claimed-it is only recently that I need financial help to get adaptations, just like many years ago when I was made redundant and signed on DWP and the job centre make you feel worthless and that you are a dead-beat just scrounging. Reading the stories about ATOS has upset me greatly and I am wondering if I should go ahead with the examination.

    I know that people abuse the system, and checks are fine. But this country is set up that if you’re old or disabled then you are not contributing, that is how it feels. Hitler had a similar view by gassing and killing disabled and the mentaly ill. Maybe the Goverment would like to go down that route? A 21st century modern country that couldn’t care less about its old folk, cripples, disabled and come to that its youth.

    Maybe it would be better if I wasn’t here.

  4. Patricia Makurum says:

    Got assesment and scored no points at all even though i produced mmr scan for lower back that needs either epedural or operation and my chronic hiv medication also i had a walking stick that helps me with bAlance becsuse without it i always fall.i dont have a social life,always in pain,the side effects of my hiv drugs, the back pain drugs that i take everyday of my life.
    I am now worse after atos than before , i see no point of living anymore

  5. S&J says:


    The Atos Dr came to see me and asked me questions and did an examination. He was nice enough but I am still waiting for the outcome. I also received a letter from the hospital diagnosing my FMS and that I have Oestoarthritic changes in my lumbar region. I sent a copy of this letter off to the DWP-it may help.

    My Mum mentioned that many years ago, before even Atos healthcare an Aunt of ours was diagnosed with terminal cancer-they put the forms in and finally she was awarded it 2 days after she had passed away.

    Again, it does make you wonder why you bother, no wonder people take their own lives as they have nothing and get nothing.

  6. jane says:

    I went to my atos. Medical and got no points this. Is mad. I’ve now got to appeal I’ve been 6 weeks without any cash. I can not hold my bladder so have to wear nappies 2
    4 hours a day lost a leg this is all the thanks I get for doing service in the army I don’t sleep much due to the nightmares I get. And now atos says iam fit for work
    I would love to work if I could and one day I hope to be fit to find a job

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