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Paul Kenny to stay on as GMB general secretary

One of the worst kept secrets in the union world has been the fact that Paul Kenny had changed his mind about retiring. In a recent e-mail to staff, Paul says:

“[I] confirm to anyone who hasn’t heard via the bush telegraph, that I have agreed with CEC to stay until my term of office expires.  I  just  hope everyone is up for the next couple of years in the same way I am because the challenges are huge.”

This news will be welcomed by GMB lay activists and officers across the country, who have seen the union go from strength to strength under Paul’s leadership. GMB continues to grow despite challenging times, and is regarded by employers as  a union prepared to be cooperative where management are sensible; but GMB is regarded as a formidable opponent if management want to play rough, and bully or disadvantage GMB members.


  1. Chris Coyte says:

    I for one am extremely pleased Paul is staying on as his inspiration is formidable proven by not only maintaining but the constantly growing membership. This is an achievement in itself, driven by his belief and passionate speeches not heard in the overall Labour movement for some considerable time. His criticism of the Labour Party is justified; however his realisation of the real need to elect an Labour Government is paramount expressed by Paul most comprehensively in everything he does.

  2. Robert says:

    Well to be honest the numbers in the GMB need to rise a lot more for the size of the Union 660,000 is pretty poor. We do need to get into more factories and retails and to really be able to strike and hurt government at the moment not even the local council have good quality Union coverage.

    But I will wait before saying to much to see how far Labour will go at the special conference and see what Labour and the Union deal is, it’s better be a good deal and I do not want to see the levy being paid in full to Labour as a price.

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