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The battle to keep ticket offices open on the London Underground

In the next two weeks, members of rail unions RMT and the TSSA are planning two 48-hour strikes, from noon on 4 February and again from 11 February. This video sets out the background: the threats to London Underground ticket offices and staff, and, in the longer run, a fully automated underground system including driverless trains, no-one on the stations to help passengers or to deal with emergencies, and a stripped down flexible workforce on zero hours contracts with no holiday or sick pay.

Video by ReelNews


  1. Robert says:

    It’s a hell of a way to get rid of the Unions you have nobody working who is not a computer.

    We do have countries which have driver-less trains I believe so, it may well come down to that.

    I’m sure the Tories and I think labour would be smiling if that happened after all Labour’s not that fond of the Unions but love the money and levy.

    I hope the Unions win this battle and the many more that are sure to come up, we need to have some good win by the working class.

  2. John Reid says:

    There’s a progress meeting at Aldwych on the day of the strike, so if progress members can’t make it there by train maybe they’ll have to go in their chaffuer driven limo’s

  3. Andreas says:

    It’s bad enough as it is with half staffed ticket offices and very little help when these bloody ticket machines don’t work. Train stations should have manned ticket offices which can also offer some sort of assistance to the general public. I’m sure London transport make more than enough money to ensure that their ticket offices are manned. Stop trying to cut corners and maintain proper representation and communication. Give your customers an option

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