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Is the Front de Gauche of Jean-Luc Mélenchon about to break up?

Front-de-gauche-Jean-Luc-Melenchon-2012There are signs this week that the Front de Gauche founded by former Socialist (PS) Senator Jean-Luc Mélenchon may be in  terminal trouble. It seems that Pierre Laurent, leader of the Communist PCF, and Mélenchon are not on speaking terms. Communist sources claim that Mélenchon makes all decisions without consultation and expects others to fall in line, whilst the PCF stand accused of committing the Front de Gauche (an alliance of the PCF and Mélenchon’s Parti de Gauche or PG) to backing the PS list in Paris without agreement.

The Front de Gauche was originally established to fight the 2009 European elections and went on the win 11.1% for Mélenchon in the first round of the French presidential elections. It appears unlikely that the Front will fight this years Euro elections according to Eric Coquerel of the PG writing on its website today:

The turmoil this week has unfortunately confirmed that the contradictions of PCF makes it impossible to stay together, despite everything, for the launch of the European election campaign.

The Parti de Gauche appear to have issued an ultimatum to the Communists, to swear loyalty to them and undertake that they will not form any alliance with the Socialists for the two elections of 2015, the cantonal and regional.

Mélenchon himself, in today’s Libération, claims that the Front de Gauche is not finished, but concedes that he has “become a little suspicious and less naive” vis-à-vis his communist partner after recent disagreements.

With François Hollande the most unpopular French President in history, hitting a record low in the polls last November of 15%, Mélechon, whose transfers saw Hollande elected in the second round of the last presidential election, could make a significant impact in French politics which makes this situation so disappointing for the Left.

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  1. Mickhall says:

    At this early stage of his presidency it is infantile to claim François Hollande is the most unpopular French President in history. It is just aping the mainstream media which is trying to set the tone, and if the left also go down this road it is likely to turn out to be true.

    Come on Jon, I am no fan of Hollande but lets argue against his policies and not let the bosses pull our chain.

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