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Lest we forget: why you should never, ever trust a Lib Dem

Let’s never forget what Nick Clegg promised just four years ago:

I really think tuition fees are wrong. I think it is wrong to saddle young people with £25,000 of debt before they’ve even taken a step in adult life.”

And what did he do in government. He made sure that the amount of debt they are saddled with has almost doubled to £44,000, according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies and the Sutton Trust. Graduates will still owe £32,000 when they’re 50, and will have to find “up to £2,500 extra a year to service loans at a time when their children are still at school and family and mortgage costs are at their most pressing“.

Never, ever trust a Lib Dem.


  1. James Martin says:

    Actually I think the student loans issue is overblown, except for students of course. The bigger reality here is not that they have broken a pledge, but that their very politics and class position makes them untrustworthy. Essentially they are dishonest Tories, people who pretend to be ‘nice’ but then put the boot into workers when they can. Give me an honest scum-bag Tory any day, at least you know where you stand.

  2. swatantra says:

    Many pledges are made in Elections, and many are not achieveable, so the Lib Dems shouldn’t dwell too long on that issue. They never thought for a minute that they’d actually end up in Govt. The Pledge related to ‘if there were a Lib Dem Majority Govt’, which is highly unlikely to ever happen in amillion years. So, they shouldn’t feel too bad about it. Worse is when a Govt with a sizable majority, makes a drastic Foreign Policy decision, which results in millions of deaths and throws the whole of the Middle East intto chaos. I’m talking about the Balfour Declaration which was put into practice in ’48, and other interventions, recently. That is the greater crime.

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