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Nuttall registers ‘home address’ as Stoke house he had never visited

NuttallPaul Nuttall, UKIP’s leader and candidate in the Stoke Central by-election faces serious questions over his eligibility as a candidate, after he revealed to Channel 4’s Michael Crick that he had signed his nomination papers using an address that he did not live in at the time.

Candidates in parliamentary elections are required to sign declaration of nomination forms, in which they are required to state their home address. Paul Nuttall had given his home address as 65 Oxford Street, a small terraced house in Stoke Central. 

Nuttall2Yet after being asked by Crick, Nuttall revealed that not only was he not yet living at that address, but that he had never in fact visited it. Nuttall told Crick, “I will be. I’m not now.” When asked if he had ever visited the property, he said: “No I haven’t. People are moving in for me.” 

Crick then challenged Nuttall’s justification. “Hang on a moment. You’re meant to put on the nomination form your home? … What are you going to do if somebody makes a complaint?

According to section 65A (False statements in nomination papers etc.) of the Representation of the People Act 1983:

(1) A person is guilty of a corrupt practice if, in the case of any relevant election, he causes or permits to be included in a document delivered or otherwise furnished to a returning officer for use in connection with the election—

(a) a statement of the name or home address of a candidate at the election which he knows to be false in any particular;

Meanwhile the Electoral Commission’s rules for candidates show the address should be “your current home address.”

You can watch the full video here.


  1. James Martin says:

    The problem with this is that it doesn’t deal with the political fight against the ukips, entertaining as it is:

    Michael Crick ‏@MichaelLCrick 18h ago
    UKIP spokesman says Paul Nuttall has NOW moved into empty Stoke home Nuttall claimed on nom forms as “home address”

    Mind you, talking of that political fight against the ukips:

    Michael Crick ‏@MichaelLCrick Feb 1
    Amazing. Big by-election in Stoke. Three weeks to go. Yet today Labour say candidate Gareth Snell is spending “all day” at work on day job

    So yet again I will ask, how could it happen that a right-winger like Snell who is so clearly unsuited given his political past to fighting this seat was shortlisted by the NEC and selected by the CLP?

  2. Bill says:

    I think this is nit picking. He has moved in now apparently.

    Can we have more insight into how well supported
    Gareth Snell is by the footsoldiers of the local party. Is he really opposed to Brexit if so we might as well give up?

  3. John Penney says:

    It will undoubtedly be amusing if Nuttal is disqualified from the election because of this boo boo about his address. But, as others have noted, it doesn’t address why Labour’s candidate is so Right Wing Labour, with a dreadful Austerity implementing record as Leader of nearby Newcastle under Lyme council, so vituperatively anti Brexit ( in the Brexit capital of the UK !), and so hostile to Jeremy Corbyn.

    On the same Channel 4 programme where Nuttall was asked about his address, it was also said that Gareth Snell didn’t dare canvass in front of the cameras ! So hostile is the reception he is getting !

    The responsibility for this now looming disaster rests entirely with the Labour Right, and their apologists like Phil B C .

  4. Mervyn Hyde says:

    Although it might appear a bit of a sideshow on whether or not he lived in the town, the facts are he broke the law, and not six months ago a conservative councillor was given a prison sentence for the same act.

  5. Mervyn Hyde is right that breaking the law is breaking the law, but I am unaware of the case he is referring to. If this is the same incident that the Stoke Evening Sentinel refered to yesterday, it can only be decided after the election. So can we have chapter and verse on the actual councilor and the case as this has a direct bearing on the outcome of the election,

    Trevor FIsher

    1. Mervyn Hyde says:

      Here is the BBC account:

      Nuttal put his false address on the declaration form as to the address he was living at the time of the application.

      I believe that Nuttal is also being investigated by the EU for claiming an allowance for an office that did not exist.

  6. thanks. I am going to the anti fascist group in Stoke tonight NORSCARF and will feed this into the discussion

    Trevor Fisher

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